Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why did the Hebrews ban the name of God?

The Hebrews left Egypt during the aftermath of the Santorini volcanic explosion (happened around the time of the Exodus). The ten plagues of Egypt were not divine but due to the sea caused by sulpher, parting of sea caused by tsunami, days turned into nights caused by smoke filled skies, etc. Santorini (Thera) was possibly the largest eruption in recorded history and its effects were documented throughout the globe, including in China where crops failed and darkness fell. Despite Santorini being 650m north of Egypt (not far away), not a mention of it is in the Bible, apart from the ten plagues. So, the Bible author didn't know there was a volcano happening but thought it was just plagues sent from god. So the Hebrews leave and, led by Moses to Arabia (where he'd been earlier and seen the burning bush), walk towards a 'plume of smoke by day and a plume of fire by night'. So this thing starts to emit the same strange things as the plague God had done in Egypt so the Hebrews believe it must be THEIR God beckoning them.....'I'm over 'ere lads!'. Three cheers for the God who saved us from Egyption slavery!!!! Oh my volcano! They make it all the way to the foot of the 'mountain of God' and bow down to him despite the terrible living conditions. The conditions were so bad apparently a lot of the Hebrews wanted to return to slavery in Egypt! Of course, they'd never seen a volcano before because Egypt has no volcanos, hence the reason why some people believe Mount Sinai was not in the Sinai Peninsular but in Saudi Arabia, a hotbed for not only gay sex but volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and all sorts of freak weather.

The burning bush Moses came across might have been none other than a flaming gas vent positioned near to a bush but not close enough to burn it. Moses was the only person allowed into the 'holy of holies', which was a part of the tabernacle tent, and every time he came out his face was flushed bright red. Staring desperately at a flaming lava vent perhaps, waiting for divine inspiration? Near the base of the mountain of God, animals were sacrificed to Yahweh, the blood thirsty volcano. Sometimes virginal female war booty was also sacrificed to yahweh too. One time he got 32 in one go. What happened to them? Possibly positioned over a lava vent so they would be 'consumed' by the 'devouring fire'. And the penalty for disobedience? Death followed by an eternity in.....the lake of fire/the pit. It's all coming together nicely isn't it?

Add the fact that Moses wrote not only Exodus, Genesis, Leviticus, Numbers and Dueteronomy at the same time, it all seems to have mushroomed from this one act of wishful thinking and superstition. Maybe long after the Hebrews left the mountain of god they worked out to their horror that it had been just a naturally occuring volcano and decided to ban the name of God to ensure no-one worked it out in the long run. Tracks covered.
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