Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ragnarok - End of the world - Volcanic eruption

This post is about Ragnarok, the end of the world prophecy, which I believe referred to a Norse volcanic eruption.

EpsilonRose's thread on Reddit Debate Religion....

To Pagans] What are your thoughts on Ragnarök (or other pagan ends of the world)?

Please see my post on Thor followed by information on the origins of the 'myth' of Ragnarok....

I am unable to post to Debate Religion because I have been banned because my posts were judged by a mod to be a joke and I was branded a troll.

I initially PM'd the above to EpsilonRose but she PM'd back to say she felt it wasn't worth sharing with the forum. Her response including this...

Beyond that, a large part of Ragnarök is its winter, which wouldn't be associated with a volcano, and even the volcanic parts don't actually suggest a super volcano. Travel and knowledge in the ancient world were much more limited then what they are now and, given the size of Iceland, a regular volcano or a particularly egregious forest fire would have sufficed and require far fewer assumptions about their knowledge (do we actually have any reason to believe that they knew super volcanoes were a thing?).

She thinks volcanoes only erupt in the summer???

'even the volcanic parts'....wait a minute, if she denies it was a volcanic eruption then why is she calling parts of the story 'volcanic'?

So it's only worth sharing this information if the volcano was a SUPER-volcano? Wow, so Ragnarok might have been caused by just an ordinary volcano but the volcanic part isn't important enough to share with others because it wasn't super-big. Oh.....hmmm....

'Travel and knowledge in the ancient world was limited then'....what's that got to do with anything?

Given the size of Iceland....what? That makes no sense. No punch-line followed.

So it could have been a 'forest fire'.

Do forest fires make land callapse and then spew out new land?

Do forest fires trigger earthquakes?

Do forest fires produce steam? (Ragnarok eruption may have been on an island in the sea)

Do forest fires cause the sun to be darkened for years?

Do forest fires make the earth sink into the sea?

I think the OP has fallen to Groupthink having seen how unpopular my ideas are.