Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reddit AskHistorians

Reddit 'AskHistorians' should be a place where people get accurate answers to questions about history. However, when the hypothetical question, 'If there are any experts on volcano deification, could they tell me whether or not these Biblical verses fit with volcano worship?' the first response seemed to come from not a historian with any sense but from a complete hothead called 'brigantus' acting on emotion and prejudice with this laughable knee-jerk reaction...

Is "volcano deification" a thing? I've never heard of a society worshipping volcanoes apart from as a cliche in popular culture depictions of 'primitives', which itself is based on a misinterpretation of Hawaiian religion.

He's never heard of a society worshipping volcanoes and he claims to be a historian of some sort? When am I ever going to come across a so called expert who is an honest and sensible expert?

He was then provided with a long list of civilisations that worshipped imaginary volcano gods but conveniently ignored it and continued to dismiss the idea anyone could ever have worshipped a volcano god or that any volcano could ever have inspired ancient people to invent a volcano god. Not only that but his comments were massively upvoted, obviously by the loyal band of dishonest 'historians' who have no shame but plenty of ego. The thread, despite having eighty-two comments, was quickly 'cleaned up' for some reason, leaving only four comments. Obviously there was a lot of comment history that had to be erased, history obviously not being of much importance to 'historians' on Reddit.

Brigantus was not finished with me though and created another thread in the subreddit 'BadHistory', parading himself like a peacock in front of his buddies as the man who defended history. Unfortunately for him, he soon realised he should have looking into the subject prior to branding me a fool. He all of a sudden stopped being his cocky self, refused to debate any further (after I asked several questions that could only have resulted in an 'Ok, I was wrong' answer and slithered away.

The following article was the one that very easily rubbed his nose in his own dirt.... should not only learn how to apologise to women you have so obviously been ungentlemanly towards but you should also change your username to Biganus. It would suit you better.

I have, of course, been banned from AskHistorians because they do not want to be shown up again but someone who knows more about the history of volcano worship than they do. Their bad history must be defended from the facts. Welcome to the list of Enemies of Free Speech.

This test of moral courage and the failures of it will make for a fascinating historical story. The list of people who should know and who probably do know but who put everything before saying they do know seems as endless as it is prestigious.

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