Monday, May 6, 2013

Reddit Ask Historians - Bad History Turned Good

If you are in need of a good laugh then stay with me as I can gaurantee you will find this amusing. It has certainly put a smile on my face. You may have read my post about my frustrations with Reddit's Ask Historians and their inability to comprehend the possibility there could ever have been such a thing as a volcano cult worshipping imaginery volcano gods. Yes, I kid you not. Could an expert community be any more lacking in relevant expertise?

Obviously Ask Historians needs to recruit an expert in mythology, theology or even geography as I'm sure any one of them would know this planet has hosted countless volcano cults. There have probably been countless such cults for every volcano in the world, yet try as I may I could not find an expert at Ask Historians who knew the slightest thing about them and they banned me for being more of an expert on the subject than were they.

One pompous person even took it upon himself to defend the ancients from, what he obviously deemed, slander. Maybe he should go to Hawaii and hand out leaflets re-educating the Hawaiians on their own history telling them it was all a big lie and their ancestors always knew what volcanoes were and Pele was in fact a sea goddess.....and so sorry for the offence caused by those awful people. Maybe he needs to head off to Java as well so he can send messages out via loudspeaker to the Hindus who still throw chickens into the volcanoes. 'Hello there. Yoo hoo! Um...just wanted to say I apologise for all that terrible nonesense about you and your people thinking volcanoes were the homes of volcano gods. So so terribly sorry. It was all a silly mistake. How terribly insulting of us?'

Anyway, to get to the punchline you must read through these snippits taken from yet another thread they've started about me on Reddit's Bad History, as if they needed to dig their hole any deeper. I've snipped the whole thread.....there's nothing missing as of today. The last comment seems to have ended their merry banter rather abruptly. See if you can work out why.

So, after much back slapping, one jock went and put his foot in it and said, 'there certainly is evidence that god was at at least some points in history and effective volcano deity.' Obvisouly he was drunk as his writing was affected along with his judgement. Alcohol often makes a person blurt out the truth when doing so would be frowned upon by peers.

In time, this will make a great comedy sketch.

The ending of this comedy sketch suggested Christianity could potentially remain standing on the foundations of a volcano deity. Well, would you put your faith in a dead Jew who claimed to be the son of a volcano deity?