Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why is there so much FIRE IN THE BIBLE?

Why was there so much FIRE IN THE BIBLE?

That is a question all Christians should be asking themselves and their vicars and the fact they are not doing that and have not been doing that is possibly the most amazing phenomena in the history of mankind. The human mind is a truly amazing thing; what it can make a person do is staggering.

The reason why there is so much fire in the Bible is because Yahweh, the god of the ancient Hebrews, was a nature god....specifically a volcano god. In other words, there is no god but the Hebrews believed there was one sitting on the top of an erupting volcano. I will keep adding verses later on. Please spread the good news that none of us will suffer any fiery wrath. Kids will love you for it.

Deuteronomy 4:11
And ye came near and stood under the mountain; and the mountain burned with fire unto the midst of heaven, with darkness, clouds, and thick darkness.

Deuteronomy 5:23
And it came to pass, when ye heard the voice out of the midst of the darkness, (for the mountain did burn with fire,) that ye came near unto me, even all the heads of your tribes, and your elders;
Deuteronomy 32:22
For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.

Ezekiel 28:14
Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

Ezekiel 28:16
By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.
Deuteronomy 33:2
And he said, The LORD came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery law for them.
Genesis 19:24
Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;

Monday, November 12, 2012

God Was a Volcano???

Spoof commentary of imaginery third party with multiple personality disorder....

Exodus 20:18And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw it, they removed, and stood afar off.
Smoking mountain? Hmmm....tough one that one. What the hell could a smoking mountain be? Thunders and lightning....yes, both common during eruptions. Trumpet blast? Ok, so volcanoes make trumpet sounds due to the magma shooting up the chamber just like blowing into a horn.....but I can't possibly admit to not being in the know. What?!! Are you crazy? I need more evidence.

Exodus 20:21 And the people stood afar off, and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was.
'Thick darkness'. Getting closer....getting hotter!!! I need more evidence though as I'm living in a bubble that suits my lifestyle and my wardrobe of clothes would be good for nothing if my bubble burst.

Exodus 20:24 An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy sheep, and thine oxen.
Gross! Choppy choppy! Ok, so volcano cults set up altars at the base of volcanoes and proceed to slit lots of throats and do lots of blood letting. Isn't the wine in church a symbol of blood? Aren't the candles symbols of fire on the altar? It's just too gross to acknowledge. I need more evidence!

Exodus 19:16 And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled.
Thunder...check. Lightning.....check...thick cloud on top of mountain....double check. Trumpet sound......check. Frightening.....check. But I don't WANT to believe it! I'd be ordinary like everyone else if I did. I haven't got a clue how to be ordinary. Do they do classes? I need more evidence!!!

Exodus 19:18 And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly. 19 And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder
Smoke everywhere! Oh Lord, what kind of god lives in a mountain covered in smoke??! The smoke of a furnace??? Like loads of thick smoke going up in a 'column of smoke'? Ok, that column of smoke is remeniscent of the column of smoke that the Hebrews walked towards when they left Egypt. That column looked like fire at night and smoke by day. Hmmmm...... Ok, I'd be a damn fool to deny it but I'd rather be a fool than accept it because if I accept it I will have to do something about it and I'm sooo scared!!! I've not changed my mind on anything since I decided I did in fact like sprouts. I need more evidence!

Exodus 24:
15 And Moses went up into the mount, and a cloud covered the mount.
16 And the glory of the Lord abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.
17 And the sight of the glory of the Lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel.
Oh holy smoke!!! God's glory is fire??? The glory of god is lava coming out of a volcano? Are you telling me that all I need to enjoy a bit of divine glory is to gaze at the one bar fire in my bathroom with the lights off? Hey, you know what, I've done that and it does make you go kinda glazed and wooey. I'm buying a THREE bar fire today and will have a triple glory fest! Glory glory glory!!! But I still don't buy this volcano god idea because I like to be the first to come up with great ideas and therefore I'm going to scupper your plans and enjoy your suffering. Ha! Ok, show me one more bit of juicy evidence and you might just sway my stubborn butt.

Exodus 34:29 And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses' hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him. 30.And when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone; and they were afraid to come nigh him. 33.And till Moses had done speaking with them, he put a vail on his face.

2 Corinthians 3:13 We are not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face to keep the Israelites from gazing at it while the radiance was fading away.
He was staring at a three bar fire on the top of the mountain and knew he was being naughty so covered it up with a pashmina! I know how rosie it makes your cheeks! thought you were so clever with your volcano god idea but all along I had the answer! No....not a volcano, not a spaceship, not a god but a three bar fire!

Deuternonomy 33:2

Deuteronomy 33:2

He said: "The LORD came from Sinai and dawned over them from Seir; he shone forth from Mount Paran. He came with myriads of holy ones from the south, from his mountain slopes.

Yahweh's holy ones were smoking fissures on the mountain slopes of volcanoes
 because Yahweh was a volcano god.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where did the term 'My Rock' come from?

Why were rocks first seen as something to rely upon?

Psalm 28:1 Unto thee will I cry, O LORD my rock; be not silent to me: lest, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit.

Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Deut 32:4 He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.

Deut 32:15 But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; then he forsook God which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation.

Deut 32:31 For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges.

1 Samuel 2:2 There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.

2 Samuel 22:2 And he said, The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;

2 Samuel 22:3 The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.

2 Samuel 22:32 For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock, save our God?

2 Samuel 22:47 The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock; and exalted be the God of the rock of my salvation.

2 Samuel 23:3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.

Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

Psalm 61:2 From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
Psalm 78:35 And they remembered that God was their rock, and the high God their redeemer.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Images of Mount Sinai


This image of Mount Sinai, produced by Oh My Volcano, is an honest and accurate representation of the real Biblical Mount Sinai, wherever it may be. It most certainly is not the one hoards of tourists visit in the Sinai Peninsular, the Peninsular being named after the Biblical mount and not the other way around.

Mount Sinai was a volcano, a fact that is very clear to see on reading Exodus. It is blatant imaginery volcano god worship, which of course means the Abrahamic religions are built on very shaky ground.

This image will be added to my other post on images of Mount Sinai.

Please now take a long look through this list of Biblical verses that strongly suggest Yahweh, the god of the Hebrews/the Abrahamic god, was an imaginery volcano god.

Nahum 1:5-6 The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before his indignation? and who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? his fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him.

Friday, November 2, 2012

God was a volcano

An email recently received from another 'crank', as those who are the first to see previously overlooked things are often labeled......published with permission.....
Hi there.
I apologize if this is an unwanted email, but I have to say I think you are right on the money! I have been saying and theorizing for years about Volcano worship being the underlying meaning behind the Abrahamic Religions. I study (as an amateur) anthropology, archaeology,ancient religions, and paleoclimatology. Now I don't have any college courses or degrees to back my claims so often I am dismissed as blasphemous or just talking out my rear end. I am an Atheist.
I was raised Evangelical Christian and was forced to sit through a Preacher's rhetoric every Sunday. My ex stepmother would often not allow me to go to the children's services, and dictated that I needed to learn the words of God. I would often read this fool's interpretations and rhetoric while imagining the truth by putting myself in the Biblical times and seeing the way they lived through their own superstitions. The Bible I had contained maps of ancient Judah and Israel in their respective times. These became vital to me in keeping my attention so it appeared I was being a good little Christian boy. So at 7 years old I discovered that "God" was a metaphor for global events and catastrophies. Then at 14 my father divorced the fanatic and allowed me to pursue my own beliefs as long as I promised to find my own truth and do it with respect to other religions. So I figured "why not?" and started looking nto other religions and their creation myths.
Well...the only logical place for me to go next was temples. Then I started noticing pyramid temples were always near some sort of volcanic activity. While Egypt itself wasn't near any major volcanic activity, the Thera eruption of 1628 BC would have had a major impact upon all surrounding regions. It is believed to be the major factor in the fall of the Minoan Empire which in turn allowed the rise of the Mycenean Empire. Things started adding up. Then the Bible verses and research I was doing began to collide too often to be ignored. I started looking at maps and media devices such as Google Earth to help give me an extended, geological view of the religious world. Every single religion is and was founded in or near some sort of tectonic or volcanic region! I had found my truth!
But my truth, as stated above, was dismissed and laughed at. I went to churches and temples to ask my questions and was met by clergy who insisted I was tainted and seduced by the Devil and attempted to save me from myself. Then I stumble onto your page. Absolutely amazing to see you have the exact same ideas and theories I do. I have been attempting to sit down and write a book to teach others who might be as awakened or open-minded the things I have learned myself. As you may imagine, it hasn't gotten past opening my Microsoft Word and staring at a blank screen for 15 minutes before giving up due to lack of encouragement. You may just have renewed my vigor.
I have ran into the Richard Dawkins before and you are correct....they will only hear what fits into what they think is right and if you approach them from outside their box, they shut their box and deny access so that they don't have to think anymore than is necessary to maintain their authority on the subject.
Again, I'm completely an amateur. However, I think that amateur has nothing to do with finding one's own truths and seeing something that is right there in front of you in so many words and verses. I don't seek to unseat or disprove any religion. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for those with the faith I can no longer hold true to. I only intend to reach out to a community or population that can see outside the box and at least entertain the idea instead of a complete dismissal.
I would really love to pick your brain, so to speak, and see if there is anything I might learn or be missing from my own studies..........

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Latest on the Leviathan

I've decided to try to get the expert community to take a look at my Leviathan theory. I have updated the post, which you can find here.

Plus this thread is a good example of how people who call themselves Christians debate such topics....

This is what one Christian said about my theory on first seeing it....

I think your premise is quite plausible.

and on discovering I was an atheist....

I think any insistence of a fable interpretation, or a “mistaken identity”, is problematic. we are reducing God’s word (IMO) to a collection of histories inspired by men, not of God. This is the consequence of such an interpretation of Leviathan as a mistaken identity. If the Bible is to be understood as God breathed, then such mistaken identities cannot exist. Leviathan can be considered symbolic, anthropomorphic or literal; but a mistaken identity should be ruled out.

and after the debate became a school playground....

if you want to try and convince me that my faith is on par with paganism, then I am not interested in even a conversation. Sorry, but I am not here for that reason, and I don't think that such discussions will profit either one of us.
So, at first, he could see the validity in the theory. Then, when he realised the implications, he backed out. He clearly states that anything that threatens his faith is not a subject of discussion for him, although he will happily try to make me become as deluded as he. He clearly needs to realise what anthropomorphism, (which he admits occurs throughout the Bible) means because it mostly occurred due to mistaken identity and not through choice. He even admits that angels was anthropomorphised fire.

Stuck like glue.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Banned from Richard Dawkins

'The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry.' Richard Dawkins.
Yes, I've been banned from the Richard Dawkins discussion forum. I think I started off on the wrong foot, long before posting any comments, when I emailed the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. I never got a reply to my emails regarding the volcano theory, which was probably rejected outright without any thought, given it requires something most atheists are simply not prepared to do....use the Bible to decode the Bible. Nope, that is way too extreme for atheists. What a silly suggestion! It was all a (very weird and boring) fairytale and be prepared to be silenced if you dare say otherwise.

I also gradually submitted maybe three or four discussions and waited to see if they would get accepted. I thought they were well written and interesting, but all were clearly rejected in favour of very infrequent and very mundane subjects such as a request for advice on raising a baby with or without religion. Dumbed down discussions or what?!

In discussions on god on his discussion page, any mention of 'volcano' by me was deleted and I got a warning. It's not easy to speak in the same way about Gawd when you know what he was! You can never go back to doing the aimless chat; it all naturally becomes very direct. Obviously, direct purposeful discussion is not wanted amongst atheists whereas lots of boasting and mocking is. So my tongue was tied completely, which was of course what happened to atheists not so long ago under Christian rule. Luckily for me, there is no death penalty for speaking out of line with the foot soldiers of whatever faction you are trying to enlighten!

The best known atheist, or one of his minions, cannot stomach the possibility someone knows something he doesn't. I had a lot of respect for him prior to my voice being silenced but now I think he or his 'vetting system' must be a bit of an arrogant blockhead. If he, or his minions, have not thought of it already, it gets mocked and binned....and its messenger banned.

Try mentioning anything that does not have a great big 'SCIENTIST CERTIFIED' stamped on its head and you can expect to be mocked, ignored and rounded on by the pretentious little worms who obviously spend all day on there trying to attract the attention of their hero by using the word, 'scientific' at least three times in every sentence. It seems the aim of the forum is to be as obnoxious as possible to anyone who dares suggest anything even slightly 'leftfield' and to come across as more a geeky chemist in a white coat than a humanist. Again, that mentality can be compared very neatly with the Witch Hunts of days gone by. However, that fact will alude them or at least cause them cognitive dissonance.....'Oh Gawd, we are just like the people who burnt witches! No, we're not....we're amazing! Yes we we're not!'. Yes you are.

Needless to say, I said 'blockhead' in a comment due to the horrendous blockhead mentality going on and BANG...I'm done for. Well, they didn't quibble over that decision did they?

The Richard Dawkins discussion page can at best be described as a very slowly changing and heavily vetted notice board of trivial points argued over by willfully ignorant meatheads with absolutely nothing challenging, novel fact...debatable. It seems a debate is exactly what is not wanted on there. They've made their minds up and do not want to be bothered with the facts.

And I'm not alone in being dismayed at the lack of logic and reason afforded me by the RD Faction. Here is someone else who was nipped in the bud of challenging debate...

Now how much knowledge Dawkins himself may have of this censorship can of course hardly be determined by an outsider. Yet this is Dawkins’ official site. This quite despicably irrational activity is read more.

There seems to be a pattern appearing. You would have thought atheist websites or organisations would be very keen to hear from atheists who believed they had worked out part of the puzzle. Unfortunately, that is exactly the opposite to the reality faced by people like me. I you have something new to say to atheists they will hate you because they get a lot of self esteem from their badge and do not want their badge being demoted due to not being 'in the know'. They'd rather remain out of the know than to give someone a public platform and risk becoming yesterday's news. How pathetic! Maybe when I find a non-profit making website I will find the reception becomes better. After all, how many books would Richard sell if Gawd was exposed? How many hits to the Flying Spagetti Monster's sight would there be once the puzzle is solved? How many members of the various religious forums would sit arguing aimlessly for hours and hours with nothing new to say if the argument was resolved? Not a lot and the money would dry up faster than a river of water after a volcano induced tsumani. So far, the only atheists who have been keen to hear my ideas have been ex-Christians and they have, on the whole, believed in them too.

There aren't a great deal of honest critical thinkers in this world are there? Lots of people who claim they are but in fact they don't look at all the ideas, they don't assess them with open minds and they are certainly not prepared to alter their beliefs. Perish the thought! Anything but that! An Islamic take-over would be better but please please don't ask me to change my mind!

Richard Dawkins, and your minions, welcome to the dunce's list.....'Enemies of Free Speech'....which is what your organisation has been from the moment I contacted it one year ago! You may well go down in history as the man who claimed to want to bring 'Reason and Science' to the masses but who failed to be reasonable with other people trying to do the same.

Here is a copy of my first every message to you....which went did all the others....due to your blind faith in the total inaccuracy of the Bible causing you to discourage rational enquiry....


Please forward this message to Richard Dawkins.

I believe Yahweh was volcanic activity. The Santorini volcanic eruption, dated around 1500BC, set off a change of natural events that affected the Jordan Rift Valley, a siesmic area where techtonic plates overlap. The Hebrews left Eqypt during the ensuing catastrophes (all ten plagues can be explained due to natural reactions after a volcano/plate shift).Mt Sinai was not in the Sinai Peninsular but in Saudi Arabia and the Hebrews travelled up the rift through Jordan and into Israel.

Here are some Bible verses that indicate god was just volcanoes, or lived inside volcanoes.....

Isaiah 30:27 See, the Name of the LORD comes from afar, with burning anger and dense clouds of smoke; his lips are full of wrath, and his tongue is a consuming fire.
Deuteronomy 4:24 For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.
Isaiah 10:17 The Light of Israel will become a fire, their Holy One a flame; in a single day it will burn and consume his thorns and his briers.
Isaiah 33:14 The sinners in Zion are terrified; trembling grips the godless: "Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire? Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning?"
Isaiah 66:15 See, the LORD is coming with fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind; he will bring down his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.
Jeremiah 4:4 Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, circumcise your hearts, you men of Judah and people of Jerusalem, or my wrath will break out and burn like fire because of the evil you have done--burn with no one to quench it.
Ezekiel 22:31 So I will pour out my wrath on them and consume them with my fiery anger, bringing down on their own heads all they have done, declares the Sovereign LORD."
Daniel 7:10 A river of fire was flowing, coming out from before him. Thousands upon thousands attended him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The court was seated, and the books were opened.
Lamentations 4:11 The LORD has given full vent to his wrath; he has poured out his fierce anger. He kindled a fire in Zion that consumed her foundations.
Ezekiel 7:8 I am about to pour out my wrath on you and spend my anger against you; I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.
Exodus 3:12 And God said, "I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain."
Isaiah 29:6 the LORD Almighty will come with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with windstorm and tempest and flames of a devouring fire.
Revelation 11:19 Then God's temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm.
Exodus 19:16 On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning, with a thick cloud over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast. Everyone in the camp trembled.
2 Samuel 22:10 He parted the heavens and came down; dark clouds were under his feet.
Psalm 104:3 and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters. He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.
Jeremiah 4:13 Look! He advances like the clouds, his chariots come like a whirlwind, his horses are swifter than eagles. Woe to us! We are ruined!
The blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords: who only hath immortality, dwelling in light unapproachable; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power eternal. Amen" (1 Timothy 6:16, R.V.). (dwelling in light unapproachable)
"For ask now of the days that are past ... whether there hath been any such thing as this great thing is? ... Did ever people hear the voice of God speaking out of the midst of the fire, as thou hast heard, and live? Or hath God assayed to go and take him a nation from the midst of another nation, by trials (R.V. margin), by signs, and by wonders ... according to all that the LORD your God did for you in Egypt before your eyes?" (Deuteronomy 4:32-34). (speaking out of the midst of the fire)
Exodus 19:3 And Moses went up unto God, and the LORD called unto him out of the mountain 9 And the LORD said unto Moses, Lo, I come unto thee in a thick cloud, that the people may hear when I speak with thee, and believe thee for ever. 12 And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying, Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount, or touch the border of it: whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death. 13 there shall not a hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned, or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live. 16 And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, Rev. 4.5 and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled. 18 And mount Si'nai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire: Deut. 4.11, 12 and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.

PSA 18:8 There went up a smoke out of his nostrils, and fire out of his mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it.
ISA 30:27 Behold, the name of the LORD cometh from far, burning with his anger, and the burden thereof is heavy: his lips are full of indignation, and his tongue as a devouring fire:
Isaiah: 5:26 And he will lift up an ensign to the nations from far, and will hiss unto them from the end of the earth: and, behold, they shall come with speed swiftly.
Revelations: 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Exodus: 32:14 And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.
•Matthew 13:50 “furnace of fire…weeping and gnashing of teeth”
Revelation 20:14 Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death – the lake of fire.
Matthew 13:42 Jesus Christ said the lost will finally be cast “into a furnace of fire.”
Matthew 3:12 John the Baptist said the lost will end up in “unquenchable fire.”

Numbers 16:35 And there came out a fire from the LORD, and consumed the two hundred and fifty men that offered incense.
1 Kings 18:38 Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.
Genesis 15:17And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces. Leviticus 9:24And there came a fire out from before the LORD, and consumed upon the altar the burnt offering and the fat: which when all the people saw, they shouted, and fell on their faces. 1 Chronicles 21:26And David built there an altar unto the LORD, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings, and called upon the LORD; and he answered him from heaven by fire upon the altar of burnt offering. 2 Chronicles 7:1Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the house.
Hebrews 12:29 for our "God is a consuming fire."
Exodus 15:7 In the greatness of your majesty you threw down those who opposed you. You unleashed your burning anger; it consumed them like stubble.
Exodus 24:17 To the Israelites the glory of the LORD looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain.
2 Samuel 22:9 Smoke rose from his nostrils; consuming fire came from his mouth, burning coals blazed out of it.
Psalm 97:3 Fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side.
Jeremiah 25:37 The peaceful meadows will be laid waste because of the fierce anger of the LORD.
Hebrews 10:27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.
Hebrews 10:31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
2 Peter 3:7 By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.
Daniel 7:9 "As I looked, "thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat. His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of his head was white like wool. His throne was flaming with fire, and its wheels were all ablaze.
2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.
Numbers 16:34 At their cries, all the Israelites around them fled, shouting, "The earth is going to swallow us too!"
Numbers 16.35 And fire came out from the LORD and consumed the 250 men who were offering the incense.
Revelation 11:5 If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die.
Leviticus 10:2 So fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed them, and they died before the LORD.
Numbers 11:1 Now the people complained about their hardships in the hearing of the LORD, and when he heard them his anger was aroused. Then fire from the LORD burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts of the camp.
Numbers 26:10 The earth opened its mouth and swallowed them along with Korah, whose followers died when the fire devoured the 250 men. And they served as a warning sign.
Psalm 50:3 Our God comes and will not be silent; a fire devours before him, and around him a tempest rages.

Richard, I read that you, like me, feel instilling fear of hell into children is a form of abuse. Please go ahead and put your money where your mouth is and tell people there is no hell and that the lake of fire was, of course, a blazing volcano caldera. Let's see how much you really care about children.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pyramids = Volcanoes

I will keep adding to this post as I find more information or as more ideas spring to mind. Please bare in mind the world has thousands of pyramids and their locations mostly correspond with the locations of volcanoes.

My main thought for now is that it seems the Egyptians were as much aware of their volcano worshipping heritage as were the Hebrews of the later eras in the Old Testament. They had moved away from their volcanoes to more hospitable land, as had the Hebrews, but the terminology remained. This detachment from deity is, I feel, critical to the survival of the beliefs or at least the mystery. If the deity can be seen, there is no mystery.

Jebel Dist, Pyramid Mountain, The Black Desert, Egypt

Jebel Dist, by tourists also called the Magic Mountain or the Pyramid Mountain because of its symmetrical sides and pointed peak is located some 17 km north of town of Bawiti. It offers impressive views of the oasis, desert, and 1000s of palm trees. Some archaeologists believe that Jebel Dist served as a model for the man-made pyramids. In 1914, German paleontologist Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach found remains of dinosaurs in the area of Jebel Dist and a neaby Jebel Maghrafa. 
Please also see...

Pyramid Mountain (Gebel Dist): Just northeast of the Oasis, many archaeologists have speculated that mountains such as this one, were the inspiration for pyramid building. Dinosaur remains have been uncovered here.

Either this mountain is a volcano or it is a very pyramidal looking mountain surrounded by volcanoes.

Map of Volcanoes of Africa taken from here.

The most likely site for Punt, the place the ancient Egyptians called 'God's Land' or 'Land of the gods', is Djibouti, the reddest area on the map above, the red triangles markers of volcanoes.

The word Pyramid is said to be derived from the Greek, ‘Piramis’ and ‘Piramidos’, translatable as ‘Fire in The Middle’. This concept of ‘fire in the middle’ seems strange, but could the symbolism in resemblance between an erupting volcanic mountain and a pyramid be a valid supposition?

According to Ancient Egyptian cosmology the pyramid symbolically represented the primeval hill rising from the watery mass. (See the
Biblical Leviathan, a submarine volcano)

Very soon, as we got closer, walking around them and observing them at different times of day, one thing became obvious: all the pyramids built around the slopes of Mount Etna had been built by the same civilization, with the same type of lava stones in the same arrangement, with the corners built in the same way. We realised that there were several styles of pyramid, spread all around the volcano.

The Mayans believed that they could delay or prevent the eruption, having performed blood rituals and fed the spirits and gods to monitor volcanoes. "They have built temples in the form of volcanoes and rituals were, like volcanic events. Volcanoes have been an integral part of Mayan life, " said Tankarsli.

In Egypt, I have mentioned the glyph Akhet which is often translated as "horizon." However, at times the glyphs refers to the "Mountain of Light" in Egyptian cosmology, or to pyramids or temples as in Akhet Khufu "the Pyramid of Khufu." 

Great Pyramid of Cholula with volcano in background

In foreground, the seventeenth-century sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios sits atop the Great Pyramid of Cholula, the largest pyramid in the Americas. The pyramid echoes the contours of Popocatépetl, and some believe its Indian name, Tlachihualtepetl ("Man-made Hill"), reflects the imitative effort of those who built it. Perhaps construction of Cholula's Great Pyramid, which echoes the contours of Popocatépetl and may have started at this time, was at least in part an attempt to appease the mountain.

Here are some exerts from a long and interesting article by Avry Wilson. You can read it in its entirity here.

But as destructive as these can be, the true king of local ecosystem obliteration is, was and always will be the volcano. It is also set apart from the others because (ironically) in the wake of an eruption comes new life, as we shall see. The ancients knew nothing of meteorology or geology – they simply saw in their environment the will of the gods being acted out in brutish, devastating reality. From this, myths were born.

In a nutshell, the prehistory of northeast Africa’s indigenous population would have gone something like this: First, pushed away by the hyperaridity of the Sahara during the LGM and on until the onset of the Holocene, communities settled around wetter and warmer areas, which in the case of eastern-central Africa happened to include volcanic fields of activity. Second, with the advent of a greener Sahara in the first couple of millennia of the Holocene Era, people re-inhabited the northern expanse in greater numbers, bringing with them memories of where they came from.

Lastly, toward the age when true civilizations began to form c.5-6kya, hyperaridity returned to the Sahara and the diasporas spread to the desert’s outer rim once again, settling for good among the surviving oases (like Dakhla, Kharga, and Farafra), the Nile Valley, and so on. But like the hardier types mentioned earlier, not all sought refuge in greener environments; those with good survival skills and a fair serving of intestinal fortitude stayed on at remote locations in the eastern desert of Egypt (for instance at Gilf Kebir). Indeed, studies of ceramics [Lange: 2000] found at desert locations have proven to be the original source of certain styles only seen later on in ancient Egypt. This in itself tells us that at least a portion of their history has its roots outside of the Nile Valley, providing further testimony how distant legend and myth also made its way to the river. But ceramics are only part of the tale because of the hint of earlier mummification found in the desert (i.e. the ‘Black Mummy’ exposed recently by Savino Di Lernia of the University of Rome) and the fascinating and archaic rock art found all over northeast Africa which presumes an early source for what would later become the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph writing system. Because of these ample archaeological results outside of Egypt which suggest a root of influence, the next question concerns what exactly would have been the inspiration for volcanic allusions found in ancient Egyptian tales and religious texts.

(My note.....the Black Desert in Egypt can be seen here.)

In the Pyramid Texts we find the king ascending to the sky in what appears to be an unusual way. Normally consistent throughout these archaic texts is that the king ascends by means of the air, an ethereal ladder, a ‘sun’ barque and so on.

“ … the sky thunders, the earth quakes, Geb quivers, the two domains of the god roar …”

“ … while Geb, with one arm to the sky and the other to the earth, announces me to Re [the sun god] … “

“ … I am the flowing fluid, I have issued from the creation waters; I am a snake, multitudinous of coils; I am this head-band of red colour … ”

“ … Fifty cubits along its side are fire, the tip of its flame crosses the land from the sky and the gods have said of it: ‘It means blackness(?)’ …”
(My thing overlooked is that the creation volcano that is described here rising from the waters could well have been a submarine volcano. Most volcanoes are submarine.)

Etymologists and enthusiasts alike have had a hard time when trying to define the origin of the term ‘pyramid’. In this form it is Greek, and many have noted the prefix of ‘pyr’ (Greek for ‘fire’) but none have made the connection to a ‘volcano’ theme. The actual, purer Greek form of the word is ‘pyramis’, meaning ‘bread’. How to resolve the question of why the Greeks chose the term ‘pyramid’ as a label for these great heaps of stone comes in what bread is. Bread is baked to ‘rise’ from heat/cooking. This reads into a volcano well in how it rises/ascends from/with heat.
(My note.....the correlation to bread goes further as both bread and volcanoes not only expand and rise up but also split open at the top allowing steam/ash/fire to escape.)

Looking even closer at the pyramids of ancient Egypt sheds light on possible volcanic influences. For example, the truncation of a pyramid mimicking the ‘loss’ of the top of a volcanic peak. Or, we can appreciate a dual meaning for the shafts within the Great Pyramid, where one instance is as a metaphysical aid for the pharaoh’s soul to the reach the sky, while the other suggests a reference to the focused expelling of tephra through mountainside vents, with the similar aid of transporting the soul from within to the sky.

Please read all of Avry Wilson's article here and pass it on.

Information on pyramids in volcanic Mauritius, Tenerife and Sicily.....from here.....

In January 2008 Antoine Gigal and her team re-discovered the existence of 7 Pyramids on Mauritius Island. In appearance, they are similar to the pyramids located on another volcanic island off the western – coast of Africa, Tenerife; similar structures also exist on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, which is also volcanic in origin. There are many parallels between the pyramids of Mauritius and Tenerife. On both island, the pyramids are part of a complex: a series of pyramids grouped together in one location. On both islands, the pyramids are made from lava stone and the construction does not use any mortar or other connecting agent.

A pyramid has been discovered of the coast of Portugal on an underwater volcanic hill. Researchers are hopeful this pyramid might be part of the lost Atlantis. My thoughts are there are many Atlantis wrecks lying on our sea beds due to volcanic islands suddenly sinking into the sea, taking the civilisations with them.
I posted the following two part video in August but as it's relevant to this post I'm adding it again....

Buy Bill Lauritzen's book here for just over 9 dollars!

The Pyramid full here....

In many ways the configuration of a pyramid closely resembles the natural form of a volcanic mountain erupting and spewing out fiery matter from the interior and pushing it upwards thus forming a mound. The word Pyramid is said to be derived from the Greek, ‘Piramis’ and ‘Piramidos’, translatable as ‘Fire in The Middle’.

New information on the connection between pyramids and volcanoes....

I will add more to this article ASAP but, in the meantime, please go through my blog which covers the theory the ancient Hebrews worshipped volcanoes....starting here.

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The Invention of God by Bill Lauritzen


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Muslim Destruction of Idol Worship in Europe

I've just been banned from the Mumsnet forum, a place I had believed would put the welfare of our future generations before the sensitivities of people who believe objects can move on their own or who revere a murdering terrorist who had sex with a nine year old. Clearly, there are limits to the amount Mumsnet cares about children, or maybe they just received too many 'recommendations' from muslims and their dhimmies.

I shall now explain what I believe was the final straw for Mumsnet.

I came across this video, about the threat of the destruction of 'idol worship' in Europe and posted it to Mumsnet.

I thought it was important people started to discuss the possibility this man's aims and desires will be fullfilled. Muslims have and do destroy objects of idolotry. Who could possibly argue with that? Well, plenty of people can on Mumsnet where speaking the truth is not acceptable. The Taliban destroyed the Buddhas in Afghanistan not that long ago, something a muslim defended on Mumsnet claiming the Taliban was just wanting money to be diverted from tourism to healthcare. Apparently the less things of interest in the world, the more money will be spent on the things people actually need to survive. That is, of course, an admirable albeit bland idea but not one put into practice by muslims who seem to want to throw all their money at gold plated mosques on every street corner. The first muslim to wipe the slate clean was Mohammad himself when he 'cleansed' the Kabba of the 360 idol worship statues and trinkets. He, of course, didn't start this monotheistic idea: the Jews not only destroyed idolotrous objects but also their associated priests. Monotheism, of course, just means 'my way or the highway' and the Abrahamic religions have been the thugs of faith. The destruction of evidence of previous religions, which is what this is, is a sign of a jealous and suspicious mentality.

Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan, destroyed by muslims emulating their prophet,
which are now monuments to the weak Islamic mindset and will be visited by future
generations who will learn valuable life lessons from it.

It was the very first man of the Abrahamic religions who got smashy smashy about statues. This article not only talks about Abraham smashing up his father's 'idols' but also about Abraham supposedly getting chucked into what was obviously a volcano. A rather fitting piece.

I would so love to be alive to see the faces of the likes of the sex-starved rag head in the video above when it dawns on them that their idol is a volcano. Kind of dampens the passion somewhat doesn't it? Will they then go smashing up all volcanoes or will they alll start collections of miniature volcanoes, all lined up on their mantlepieces? Tough choice.

As 45% of Brussels, the capital of Europe, is now muslim, and as half of all births in Belgium are now muslim, I think there is a good chance that iconic landmarks of Belgium are on shaky ground, just as are the Pyramids of Egypt with their new Islamist government.

Mumsnet.....welcome to the list on the right where you will stay until this theory does go viral and the world can see who delayed its exposure. p.s. did you not notice the woman who was defending the Taliban's destruction of the Buddhas? You deleted me but kept her? Mumsnet.....for baby's dummies and foolish dhimmies.

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Mount Sinai Photos


Mount Sinai, the 'mountain of fire' and 'mountain of god' mentioned in the Bible as depicted by cartoonists and artists who mostly seem blissfully unaware of what the numerous Bibilical verses have led them to recreate.



Deuteronomy 5:4 The LORD spoke to you face to face out of the fire on the mountain.



Exodus 34:29 And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses' hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him.

Exodus 32:11 Then Moses pleaded with the Lord his God, and said: “Lord, why does Your wrath burn hot against Your people whom You have brought out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand? 12 Why should the Egyptians speak, and say, ‘He brought them out to harm them, to kill them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth’? Turn from Your fierce wrath, and relent from this harm to Your people.




Exodus 20:11 So the people stood afar off, but Moses drew near the thick darkness where God was.



Exodus 19 1.On the first day of the third month after the Israelites left Egypt —on that very day—they came to the Desert of Sinai. After they set out from Rephidim, they entered the Desert of Sinai, and Israel camped there in the desert in front of the mountain.

Deuteronomy 32:2 He said: "The LORD came from Sinai and dawned over them from Seir; he shone forth from Mount Paran. He came with myriads of holy ones from the south, from his mountain slopes.




Exodus 20:18 Now all the people witnessed the thunderings, the lightning flashes, the sound of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking; and when the people saw it, they trembled and stood afar off.


Exodus 19:12 You shall set bounds for the people all around, saying, ‘Take heed to yourselves that you do not go up to the mountain or touch its base. Whoever touches the mountain shall surely be put to death. 13 Not a hand shall touch him, but he shall surely be stoned or shot with an arrow; whether man or beast, he shall not live.’ When the trumpet sounds long, they shall come near the mountain.”


Exodus 19:16 Then it came to pass on the third day, in the morning, that there were thunderings and lightnings, and a thick cloud on the mountain; and the sound of the trumpet was very loud, so that all the people who were in the camp trembled.  17 The sight of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain in the eyes of the children of Israel. 18 So Moses went into the midst of the cloud and went up into the mountain.





Exodus 24 15 Then Moses went up into the mountain, and a cloud covered the mountain.
16 Now the glory of the Lord rested on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days. And on the seventh day He called to Moses out of the midst of the cloud.




Exodus 19:17 And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God, and they stood at the foot of the mountain. 18 Now Mount Sinai was completely in smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire. Its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain[a] quaked greatly.

Now contrast the Biblical verses above that led the artists to create the volcanic imagery with the Open Bible's list of verses. Nothing volcanic whatsoever. That is what you call religiously ordained deception.

Now please see this list of Biblical verses that suggest the god of the ancient Hebrews, and therefore the Abrahamic religions, was nothing other than anthropomorphised volcanic activity.

Please let me know if you know of any other images of Mount Sinai that reveal its volcanic characteristics.
Please leave a comment here to let me know what you think to this post.

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Why are volcanoes not mentioned in the Bible?

Below is a part of a thread posed by someone wanting to know why volcanoes are not mentioned in the Bible.

In the Bible we have Floods, Storms, Earthquakes, Winds, etc. All being some part of a punishment from God. But volcano's are not mentioned as even existing, yet they have caused much damage
in history, and even in recent times we see volcano's coming alive.

Can anyone tell me where the
word Volcano appears in the Bible.

If i remember right: The word volcano was first used by the Romans as the god of fire,'s not in the bible.

Ok, then that's good enough for me. Thank you Chaplain Eldermike.

So, despite him at first pointing out that everything else is mentioned in the Bible so volcanoes should also be there......he comforts himself with the answer.....they're not mentioned in the Bible.

So easily placated. Like putting a dummy into a baby. Your moment of enlightenment is over. Now back to la la land.

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Hinduism = volcano worship too?

Hello Redditers. God being a volcano is no longer a priority project of mine. White genocide is. Please see this post and pass it on.....

This article proves three things........that there are still people who believe chucking a chicken into a volcano will stop it erupting, that Hinduism includes volcano appeasement (worship?) and that there's always money to be thrown away and people to grab it in religion.

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Femme de la Rue

Femme de la Rue is a short film (now deleted from youtube...see below) produced by a Belgian woman due to her experiences of sexual harassment by 'foreign' men, foreign obviously being a politically correct way of avoiding the use of the word 'muslim'. I know only too well what these woman speak of. Finally, women are speaking out....but, I fear, it's too late. The Belgians produce too few babies and the muslims produce too many. Westernised women will find it increasingly difficult to find areas to live in free of this hostility, hence the main reason for this blog, which is about the theory that Yahweh, the god of the ancient Hebrews, was nothing other than anthropomorphised VOLCANIC ACTIVITY. Please see this list.

Sorry but the video has been removed by the author. Has she been threatened? Here it is elsewhere....

In its place....number one on Youtube for 'femme de la rue' is now this video, made by someone from Sharia4Belgium. I don't speak Arabic but I suspect this video is not aimed at educating the muslims of Brussels on how to treat the infidel women with respect.

If anyone knows why the first videos were cleansed from Youtube then please do let me know.

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Red Sea Volcanic Activity

Quote below on the Red Sea volcanic activity taken from here...
The Red Sea was formed by Arabia splitting from Africa due to movement of the Red Sea Rift. This split started in the Eocene and accelerated during the Oligocene. The sea is still widening and it is considered that the sea will become an ocean in time (as proposed in the model of John Tuzo Wilson). In 1949, a deep water survey reported anomalously hot brines in the central portion of the Red Sea. Later work in the 1960s confirmed the presence of hot, 60 °C (140 °F), saline brines and associated metalliferous muds. The hot solutions were emanating from an active subseafloor rift. The highly saline character of the waters was not hospitable to living organisms.[15]

Sometimes during the Tertiary period the Bab el Mandeb closed and the Red Sea evaporated to an empty hot dry salt-floored sink. Effects causing this would be:

•A "race" between the Red Sea widening and Perim Island erupting filling the Bab el Mandeb with lava.
•The lowering of world sea level during the Ice Ages due to much water being locked up in the ice caps.
A number of volcanic islands rise from the center of the sea. Most are dormant, but in 2007 Jabal al-Tair island, in the Bab el Mandeb strait, erupted violently. An eruption among the nearby Zubair islands followed in 2011.[16]

Mythical Monsters

Please see my earlier posts on one 'mythical monster', the Leviathan, which I believe was zoomorphised submarine volcanic activity.

I believe the Leviathan is a very distinct creature of the Bible and different to the usual 'sea monster', which I believe was a Nile crocodile. The Leviathan had many characteristics that do not fit a crocodile or any other animal.

If the ancient Hebrews had a specific name for their underwater volcano monster, other civilisations will also have named their respective volcano monsters.....and maybe the fear and zoomophism of them was something everyone in the volcanic Holy Land had in common. Maybe the stories of them started in one civilisation and were passed down into another.

One sea monster, which is described as mythological when it might in fact be fabled, is the Lernaean Hydra.

Here is a depiction of Lernaean Hydra...

and a depiction of the Leviathan....


 serpent-like chthonic water beast, with reptilian traits, (as its name evinces) that possessed many heads — the poets mention more heads than the vase-painters could paint, and for each head cut off it grew two more — and poisonous breath so virulent even her tracks were deadly.  Upon reaching the swamp near Lake Lerna, where the Hydra dwelt, Heracles covered his mouth and nose with a cloth to protect himself from the poisonous fumes. He fired flaming arrows into the Hydra's lair, the spring of Amymone, a deep cave that it only came out of to terrorize neighboring villages. the stench of the river Anigrus in Elis, making all the fish of the river inedible, was reputed to be due to the Hydra's poison.

From this...

It ravaged the country of Lernae near Argos, and dwelt in a swamp near the well of Amymone. However, with the assistance of his faithful servant Iolaus, he burned away the heads of the hydra, and buried the ninth or immortal one under a huge rock.

Statius, Thebaid 2. 375 ff (trans. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) :
"The marsh of Lerna and the burnt Hydra’s heat makes warm the depths of those unrighteous waters."

From this...

The Hydra had the body of a serpent and many heads (the number of heads deviates from five up to one hundred there are many versions but generally nine is accepted as standard), of which one could never be harmed by any weapon.  Also the stench from the Hydra's breath was enough to kill man or beast.  When it emerged from the swamp it would attack herds of cattle and local villagers, devouring them with its numerous heads. It totally terrorized the vicinity for many years.
That's enough of Hydra for now but I hope you can see the traits of an underwater gas leaking volcano. The herds were attacked by gas leaks, which is very reminiscent of the first born deaths in Exodus and the deaths in Job. The inability to kill it with weapons also aligns it with the Leviathan.



From here...

CHIMAERA (Chimaira), a fire-breathing monster, which, according to the Homeric poems, was of divine origin. She was brought up by Amisodarus, king of Caria, and afterwards made great havoc in all the country around and among men. The origin of the notion of this fire-breathing monster must probably be sought for in the volcano of the name of Chimaera near Phaselis, in Lycia (Plin. H. N. ii. 106, v. 27; Mela. i. 15), or in the volcanic valley near the Cragus (Strab. xiv. p. 665, &c.), which is described as the scene of the events connected with the Chimaera.
Please see the link above for many examples of how ancient people used many animal names to describe just one nameless 'monster'...something they simply didn't recognise.

Ngauruhoe, Tongariro, White Island and the Fire Demons
The volcanoes Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and White Island are present in a Maori legend. A medicine man named Ngatoro was climbing up Tongariro with a woman named Auruhoe. He told his followers not to eat while he was gone in order to give him strength on top of the cold mountain. When Ngatoro didn't return for some time, his followers thought him to be dead, and they broke their fast. Ngatoro and Auruhoe immediately began to feel the cold, and Ngatoro prayed to his sisters in the faraway land of Hawaiki. The sisters called upon fire demons that began swimming underwater toward Ngatoro. They first came out of the water at White Island to see where they were, and the land burst into flames that are still burning. The demons continued on underwater until they reached Ngatoro and burst through the summit of the mountain, thus creating the volcano Ngauruhoe. Ngatoro was saved by the warmth, but Auruhoe had already died. Ngatoro then took Auruhoe's body and threw it into the volcano. The underwater path of the fire demons can still be seen, for everywhere they surfaced is now a thermal area (Vitaliano, 1973).



From this...

TYPHON (TYPHAON, TYPHOEUS), in Greek mythology, youngest son of Gaea and Tartarus. He is described as a grisly monster with a hundred dragons' heads, who was conquered and cast into Tartarus by Zeus. In other accounts, he is confined in the land of the Arimi in Cilicia (Iliad, ii. 783) or under Etna (Aeschylus, P.V. 370) or in other volcanic regions, where he is the cause of eruptions. Typhon is thus the personification of volcanic forces. Amongst his children by Echidna are Cerberus, the Lernaean hydra, and the Chimaera.
From this...

As a volcano-daimon, Typhoeus hurled red-hot rocks at the sky and storms of fire boiled from his mouth.
From this...

Typhon had frightful features and enormous powers. Soon, he attacked the home of the gods, flaming rocks at it, hissing, screaming and gushing mighty streams of fire from his mouth.

So, there seems to be a whole family of volcano monsters that instead of being described as myths should be described as fables because there is truth behind the tale...or should I say tail? And these are just the Hebrew one and the Greek ones. Apparently there is an Ethiopian one too...another day.

When the Leviathan is hungry, reports R. Dimi in the name of R. Johanan, he sends forth from his mouth a heat so great as to make all the waters of the deep boil, and if he would put his head into Paradise no living creature could endure the odor of him (ib.). His abode is the Mediterranean Sea; and the waters of the Jordan fall into his mouth (Bek. 55b; B. B. l.c.).
One thing is for sure, these monsters had breath that could kill.