Monday, August 6, 2012

Why are volcanoes not mentioned in the Bible?

Below is a part of a thread posed by someone wanting to know why volcanoes are not mentioned in the Bible.

In the Bible we have Floods, Storms, Earthquakes, Winds, etc. All being some part of a punishment from God. But volcano's are not mentioned as even existing, yet they have caused much damage
in history, and even in recent times we see volcano's coming alive.

Can anyone tell me where the
word Volcano appears in the Bible.

If i remember right: The word volcano was first used by the Romans as the god of fire,'s not in the bible.

Ok, then that's good enough for me. Thank you Chaplain Eldermike.

So, despite him at first pointing out that everything else is mentioned in the Bible so volcanoes should also be there......he comforts himself with the answer.....they're not mentioned in the Bible.

So easily placated. Like putting a dummy into a baby. Your moment of enlightenment is over. Now back to la la land.

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  1. There is some evidence that the Hebrew word kivshan "smelting kiln" may have been employed by the biblical author (J) to describe a volcanic eruption (see Exod. 19.18; cf. Exod. 9.8 and Gen. 19.28). However, there is no known word meaning 'volcano'. I would probably attribute it to the fact that the Canaanite language (proto-Hebrew) did not contain a word meaning volcano simply because these people had never seen a volcano living in Palestine.

  2. Wow! how simplistic. The ancient Hebrews must have really had serious problems with volcanoes in ancient Palestine. They didn't? Ok, that's "good enough for me!" Thank you Oh My Volcano.

  3. If Anon wants to come back and write a normal comment that can be understood rather than flouncing in leaving a stroppy one then maybe I could reply.