Saturday, August 4, 2012

Femme de la Rue

Femme de la Rue is a short film (now deleted from youtube...see below) produced by a Belgian woman due to her experiences of sexual harassment by 'foreign' men, foreign obviously being a politically correct way of avoiding the use of the word 'muslim'. I know only too well what these woman speak of. Finally, women are speaking out....but, I fear, it's too late. The Belgians produce too few babies and the muslims produce too many. Westernised women will find it increasingly difficult to find areas to live in free of this hostility, hence the main reason for this blog, which is about the theory that Yahweh, the god of the ancient Hebrews, was nothing other than anthropomorphised VOLCANIC ACTIVITY. Please see this list.

Sorry but the video has been removed by the author. Has she been threatened? Here it is elsewhere....

In its place....number one on Youtube for 'femme de la rue' is now this video, made by someone from Sharia4Belgium. I don't speak Arabic but I suspect this video is not aimed at educating the muslims of Brussels on how to treat the infidel women with respect.

If anyone knows why the first videos were cleansed from Youtube then please do let me know.

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