Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kolumbo = Leviathan ?

Could the story of the Leviathan have originated from Kolumbo, which is a submarine volcano near to Santorini?

Kolumbo is an active submarine volcano in the Aegean Sea, about 8 km northeast of Cape Kolumbo, Santorini island. The largest of a line of about twenty submarine volcanic cones extending to the northeast from Santorini,[1] it is about 3 km in diameter with a crater 1.5 km across.[2] It was "discovered" when it breached the sea surface in 1649-50, but its explosion was not to be compared to the well-known Thera explosion and caldera collapse, currently dated ca. 1630 BCE, with its devastating consequences for Minoan civilization.

conservative scholars cite Eusebius (AD 263-399), who placed Job "two ages before Moses" or 2,000-1,500 BC.[14

The 1650 eruption was a very explosive event and ejected pumice and ash as far as Turkey, and produced pyroclastic flows that killed about 70 people on Santorini. During the eruption, it constructed a temporary island (hence it's name Kolumbo, in Greece "swimming"). A tsunami occurred as well, probably during the collapse of the cone. It caused damage on nearby islands up to 150 km and invaded the flat coastal areas especially on the eastern side of Santorini, where ruins from Roman times were uncovered. The eruption also caused damage killed a great number of livestock because of poisonous gasses, mainly H2S.

7000 sheep burned up by 'The fire of God which fell from the sky. and the house of the firstborn destroyed by a mighty wind, killing all of Job's offspring. Satan, therefore, smites him with dreadful boils, and Job, seated in ashes, scrapes his skin with broken pottery.


Could the Book of Job, or at least some of it, be based on the lives of Santorini volcano worshippers prior to them fleeing as refugees to Egypt? Could the idea of the saviour and adversary be based on a land volcano (the one they gave burnt offerings to) and a submarine volcano (the one they threw spears at to no avail)?

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