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Mohammad, the prophet of volcanoes.

Mohammad prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Yahweh, one of the many names for the god of Abraham, was undoubtedly a volcano god. In other words, the Jews and Muslims are worshipping absolutely nothing. The Christians have Jesus but he believed in Yahweh so that doesn't leave him on a good standing. Volcanoes were, in ancient times, seen as the homes, battle sites & landing pads of fiery gods. These gods could be alone, as in Yahweh living on the top of Mount Sinai of Arabia (probably Saudi), with others as in Pele and her lover or in groups as in the battle between Zeus and Typhon.

The prophets of imaginary volcano gods were depicted with either fire around them, with a glow of light coming from them or with a halo above them. Above we see Mohammad depicted with fire around him. Please see the pictures below that also show fire around Mohammad.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Islam the volcano religion.

Mohammad the prophet of volcano worship.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Muhammad the prophet of the mountain of fire god Allah.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

Mohammad the prophet of Yahweh the volcano god.

All these people are talking about Yahweh the volcano god.

Instead of just attacking Islam's fruits, why not expose its roots?

As someone on Reddit has mentioned halos in a thread about this blog (hello!) I thought I would add a link to a post I wrote about this subject. Here it is

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Chariots of the Gods

This post on the Chariots of the Gods has been written for forums but posted here first for readers of this blog.

I would like to pass on some ideas, some of which are my own and some I have learnt from others. I am not an academic so please try to not expect me to debate like one. My efforts are not perfect, my knowledge is scant and I do not have all the answers. My ideas are not all backed up by reliable sources because some of them are novel and some of them are not yet widely accepted. Please see the links at the bottom for the best sources or back-up information I can provide. If you need 100% reliable academic published sources then stop reading now. I do, however, believe these ideas deserve closer inspection by the expert community and hope some of you at least will look into them. Two things are needed in order to solve mysteries: fresh eyes and knowledge. I have the former, you have the latter.

The reason why I am writing on here and on another forum today is because of the re-emergence of the snake oil salesman Erich Von Daniken, the author of 'Chariots of the Gods: was God an astronaut?' His ideas, that the ancient gods were visiting aliens or astronauts, are ones I have wanted to challenge for a long time. When I saw how popular his ideas were on Twitter I decided I had to say something. When I realised his ideas are approved by the Theosophical Society and therefore also Freemasonry I realised just how widespread his misinformation was and how important it was to challenge it.

The 'chariots of the gods' were, I believe, natural phenomena the ancients mistook for the vehicles of gods. If you imagine a charging chariot, what do you see in addition to the actual chariot? A trail of dust cloud. How else, other than by watching chariots charging, would the ancients have seen a trail of dust or something that looked like a trail of dust...or looked like a chariot charging? By witnessing a volcanic eruption. Volcanoes have lines of billowing ash coming out of them, ash racing down mountain slopes and fire blazing along in rivers. To the ancients, in their very natural environments, these lines of ash, smoke and fire would have reminded them of the lines created by charging chariots. Here are some verses and exerts that show how widespread the god vehicle idea was...

Isaiah 66:15-6 says  "The Lord will come with fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind; he will bring down his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. For with fire and with his sword the Lord will execute judgment on all men, and many will be those slain by the Lord."

'They believe that when it expels hot lava, Merapi is really sending golden carriages to the South Sea, the kingdom of Nyai Ratu Kidul (Queen of the South Sea), for the feast.'

'However, he (Agni) is feared by nature. When he gets angry he can burn trees with his fire and burns the grass with his chariot’s wheels while raging thru the forest.'

'Pele is a skilled rider of the holua, a wooden sled that slides down steep stone ramps. Papalauahi and and other chiefs challenged Pele to see who was the best holua rider. Papalauahi proved by far to be the most skilled. Pele lost her temper. She produced a great flood of lava which overran many of the other chiefs and onlookers.'

'MOUNT Cameroon, also called Mount Fako, also called Buea Mountain but most fondly called “The chariot of the gods” is the only mountain in Cameroon which has also been recorded as a volcanic mountain.'

Here is the analogous interpretation of natural events explained in the bible account of a locust invasion....turning a natural phenomenon into an invasion of chariots. 

Joel 2:5 With a noise like that of chariots  they leap over the mountaintops, like a crackling fire consuming stubble, like a mighty army drawn up for battle.

The battle between man and nature was very dramatic for the ancient people. 

There are examples in Hinduism and Buddhism but these I have yet to study. I am sure there will be many more and when I have the time I will find them.

There are more Biblical verses and fuller explanations in the links below.

The thing all the above had in common was, I believe, a misunderstanding of volcanoes. It was only in recent history that we in the modern world learnt what volcanoes were. Even today, indigenous people are throwing chickens into volcanoes falsely believing a god resides within who needs to be placated. Yahweh, for example, required animal sacrifice at the foot of Mount Sinai (which I believe was one of the volcanoes in Saudi...the Bible says Arabia), threw out fire and brimstone (which is volcanic sulfur), had 'rivers of fire' coming out of him (just like Pele), was said to have hair as white as wool (smoke), had a tongue of 'consuming fire', had eyes of fire, showed his anger in fire, destroyed whole villages and lived on a 'holy hill'.

The ancients believed the fiery top of the volcanoes was a sign a god was in-residence or that gods were fighting or arguing, or that there was a battle between good and evil. Pele would be said to have fights with her sister, the Klamath Indians believed Skell and Llao fought between each other on the top of fiery hills throwing fire and stones at each other, the Maasai people believed when their volcano erupted it was because their god was angry, a Filipino legend has it that the moon god angered the sun god on the volcano Mt Pinatubo....many more examples in the links.

Pyramids, I and others believe, were built in part to represent volcanoes. There are pyramids all over the world but they are often found near to volcanoes in volcanic regions. The exception is Egypt but even there there is the Black Desert with volcanic cones, one called Pyramid Mountain and said by some to have been the inspiration for the pyramids of Egypt. If not that volcano then maybe the volcanoes the people of Punt will have seen in eastern-central Africa. In the link below you can see a map of the volcanoes of Africa and see the concentration of them in this region. Did the Egyptians migrate from Punt to Egypt? If they did they will have taken their god with them; taken their misguided faith with them. Along with their faith they will have taken their inherent need for a 'high place' just like Yahweh's 'high place'; a temple, a mound, a resting place for the gods...for the 'Most High'. Could it be that they believed building a 'high place' could somehow attract down their god? They believed volcanoes were just ordinary mountains that a god or gods had chosen to live on or fight on. Any old mountain, man-made mound, pyramid, temple, steeple, ziggurat would do. Fire seems to be central to these holy places yet no-one ever questions why? What did the ben-ben stone represent if not the blown off part of a volcano? Or the pinnacle where god was? Yahweh was said to be the 'Light of Israel' and there are many 'Mountains of Light' in ancient history.

Volcanoes have always been the most dramatic and catastrophic things on earth. The Santorini eruption was forty times more powerful than an atomic bomb. This eruption is said by some to be the cause of the ten plagues of Egypt and subsequent Exodus of the Hebrews. Volcanoes were interpreted in different ways throughout the world depending on the geology of the people and the location of the eruption. For example, a submerged volcano would have been seen by the ancient Hebrews as a monster...the Leviathan. But submerged volcanoes can and do 'create' new land and would also have been seen as the 'world mountain', the primordial land surrounded by primordial waters. The ancient Hebrews had their holy mountain, described as 'the Light of Israel' on his 'fiery hill' so a submerged volcanic eruption, barely recognisable, would have been seen as the adversary.

Volcanoes tend to be located where continents are pulling apart, which explains why the Red Sea Rift Zone is home to submerged volcanoes (a recent island was 'created') and volcanoes along the north-west coast of Saudi Arabia. It is likely the volcano line carries on up the rift into the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River (the home of the Leviathan) but this I have not been able to prove. Maybe one day nature will prove that for me. Volcanoes were the creators and destroyers of land could be created just as it could be taken away, new plants could grow on revitalising ash deposits just as plants could be burnt to a crisp, new animals and humans could benefit from the lush volcanic land just as they could be killed by the 'Most High', who had the added benefit of throwing out lots of gold and gemstones!

Going back to the beginning....the 'chariots of the gods'. I believe the ancients thought the gods arrived from other planets and stars. To them, brightness only came from fire they produced, the moon, the sun, the stars and fire made by something from 'the heavens', the latter just being the sky. So when they saw fire on the top of the mountain they assumed it had been made by a man, but not just any old man....a very powerful man. This man just landed on the top of the mountain and decided to live there, just as Yahweh was said to live on Mount Sinai. But where did these god-men come from originally? From up above. Yahweh was said to look like 'glowing heat' on the top of Mount Sinai just like the Ben-ben stone must have looked radiant in the sunlight. That glowing heat...the 'glory of god'...looked like the sun. So, perhaps, the ancient people, with a fascination for the sky (no TV, no games console, no radio...only sky) would have put two and two together to come up with the idea the gods' original homes were the sun, the moon, the stars. This could explain why pyramids contained dead Pharaohs with vents directed at the stars.....the souls could ascend up to the place where their gods also ascended up to...from a vessel much like the one their gods' used. Throughout the world there are accounts of bodies being buried inside caves on mountain slopes. I believe the same belief is behind this practice and originates from volcano misunderstandings.

The ancients imagined their gods must have travelled around the sky and created in their own minds the vehicles they must have used having witnessed or been told via the oral tradition about the chariots of fire and ash from volcanoes. The idea of gods riding on chariots, carriages or sleds will have been extended to other natural phenomena, such as charging tsunami waves or the moving objects in the sky, such as Helios riding the chariot of the sun. Their fertile imaginations were not boxed in by modern media but were fueled by ignorance of the natural world around them. It is no wonder then that the holiest ancient regions of the world are also the most volcanic, or have connections to volcanic regions. Unfortunately I have seen a huge amount of explanations for Yahweh, the pyramids, the chariots of the gods that do not involve the natural environment of the ancient people but lots of modern thinking, for example nuclear bombs, alien invasions, etc.

What I feel is necessary to understand the ancients is to be like step into their shoes and picture the scene using your imagination....the very thing that (I believe) created all of these mysteries. We need to empathise with them in order to understand them. Then and only then will we finally realise the true purpose of mythology: to warn of impending doom envisioned by our ancestors who had witnessed devastation and lived to tell the tale. Maybe then we can put mythology to good use and save lives with it rather than childishly play with it, as we have done for too long.

More information:


Pyramids and volcanoes....

Volcanoes in Egypt....

Volcano gods and there correlations...

The Biblical Leviathan....

A God of Volcanoes: Did Yahwism Take Root in Volcanic Ashes? Jacob E.Dunn (JSOT)

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Some 'volcano god' related academic papers

  • Thomas Mann, “The Pillar of Cloud in the Reed Sea Narrative,” JBL 90 (1971)
  • G. Hort, "Musil, Madian and the Mountain of the Law" in Jewish Studies: Essays in Honour of the Very Reverend Dr. Gustav Sicher, Chief Rabbi of Prague (Prague, 1955)
  • Foster, Ritner and Foster, "Texts, Storms, and the Thera Eruption," JNES 55 (1996)
  • K. Polinger Foster, “Volcanic Landscapes in Lugal-e” in L. Milano et al., eds., Landscapes: Territories, Frontiers, and Horizons in the Ancient Near East, Proceedings of the XLIV Rencontre Assyriologique, vol. III (Padua, 1999), pp. 23-29.
  • the volume Cultural Responses to the Volcanic Landscape: the Mediterranean and Beyond (esp. papers like "Volcanic Echoes in Ancient Near Eastern Texts")
  • Barbara Sivertsen, The Parting of the Sea: How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus (Princeton Univ. Press 2009)
  • P. D. Miller, Jr., “Fire in the Mythology of Canaan and Israel,” CBQ 27 (1965), 256-61

In addition, the long awaited paper by Jacob Dunn has been published in the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament: A God of Volcanoes: Did Yahwism Take Root in Volcanic Ashes?

Exerts from paper abstract: "This study combines the southern geographical placement of Yahweh's sacred mountain in Midian with biblical descriptions of the theophany at Sinai-Horeb—descriptions which have prompted scholars to interpret the events at the ‘mountain of God’ as volcanic in nature. this study next advances an interdisciplinary approach and a new reformulation of the Midianite–Kenite hypothesis, combining geography, geology, and volcanology with the textual element that deals with ancient Midian and the Sinai-Horeb tradition. Finally, this study seeks to offer a scientific analysis of the texts, both poetic and narrative, which seem to indicate Sinai-Horeb was a volcanic mountain and pilgrimage site in northwest Saudi Arabia."

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Ragnarok - End of the world - Volcanic eruption

This post is about Ragnarok, the end of the world prophecy, which I believe referred to a Norse volcanic eruption.

EpsilonRose's thread on Reddit Debate Religion....

To Pagans] What are your thoughts on Ragnarök (or other pagan ends of the world)?

Please see my post on Thor followed by information on the origins of the 'myth' of Ragnarok....

I am unable to post to Debate Religion because I have been banned because my posts were judged by a mod to be a joke and I was branded a troll.

I initially PM'd the above to EpsilonRose but she PM'd back to say she felt it wasn't worth sharing with the forum. Her response including this...

Beyond that, a large part of Ragnarök is its winter, which wouldn't be associated with a volcano, and even the volcanic parts don't actually suggest a super volcano. Travel and knowledge in the ancient world were much more limited then what they are now and, given the size of Iceland, a regular volcano or a particularly egregious forest fire would have sufficed and require far fewer assumptions about their knowledge (do we actually have any reason to believe that they knew super volcanoes were a thing?).

She thinks volcanoes only erupt in the summer???

'even the volcanic parts'....wait a minute, if she denies it was a volcanic eruption then why is she calling parts of the story 'volcanic'?

So it's only worth sharing this information if the volcano was a SUPER-volcano? Wow, so Ragnarok might have been caused by just an ordinary volcano but the volcanic part isn't important enough to share with others because it wasn't super-big. Oh.....hmmm....

'Travel and knowledge in the ancient world was limited then'....what's that got to do with anything?

Given the size of Iceland....what? That makes no sense. No punch-line followed.

So it could have been a 'forest fire'.

Do forest fires make land callapse and then spew out new land?

Do forest fires trigger earthquakes?

Do forest fires produce steam? (Ragnarok eruption may have been on an island in the sea)

Do forest fires cause the sun to be darkened for years?

Do forest fires make the earth sink into the sea?

I think the OP has fallen to Groupthink having seen how unpopular my ideas are.

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I Give Up

Volcano God

I give up. I'm not going to do another god damn thing to try to get people to believe that Yahweh was a volcano god or that that means the Jews, Christians and Muslims are worshipping sod all. Hardly anyone's interested in hearing about this idea and those who are are too afraid to speak out against the baying mob.

So, that's it. I've spent five years researching this damn thing and gotten nowhere other than Ridicule Central. I've put up with panicked Christians, wounded Chosen Ones and threatening Muslims. More than that, I've put up with Rottweiler atheists who would lock their jaws on your jugular if they could for suggesting a new idea. Hell hath no fury like an atheist challenged with new information!

'What? New? Bang!!!'

Stuff world peace. Let the Israeli Jews kill all the Muslims who haven't killed them already and let's hope they blow Jerusalem off the map so it no longer causes any histrionic grief. More trouble than it was worth anyway, damn stupid ramshackle pile of sand blocks and wailing women and weirdos.

Stuff women's lib. Who gives a damn about the future of our girls growing up in increasingly Muslim Europe and other increasingly hell-holish dumps when there much more important things to think about, like Kim Kardashian's bottom? Besides, headscarves can be pretty, in a prudish kind of way, and they protect the hair from the sun, not that there is any in England. Burkas will mean our girls won't have to spend so long choosing an outfit in the morning. Husbands are generally lousy anyway so the girls may as well let someone else pick one for them. Clitorises are a major distraction so best removed. Being allowed to go outside alone is not such a luxury when you have bags of food shopping to carry for the huge broods so future women will be very grateful for their permanent male shadows. Our future generations of girls will get along just fine with Islam or fundamentalist Christianity, depending on which continent they live in and which century....two thousand years ago or 610AD.

Terrorism. The world needs more terrorism and not less. The place is riddled with us ant-like creatures and the world's resources are running out as fast as the climate is warming up. We need big bombs and big casualty numbers to reduce the numbers of useless eaters.

Parties are over-rated as is humour. I'm not laughing now and I'm ok. Alcohol will soon be forgotten and replaced with black coffee and think of the money saved in accident and emergency? Dancing on tables or wearing short skirts has never done anyone any good so it's going to be a good thing when these tacky acts are banned. Fun? Over-rated. Memorising scripture? Under-rated. Things are gunna change around here.

Stuff soft justice! Heads need to roll! I for one will look forward to seeing some choppy choppy action. It's been a god damn torment seeing petty criminals get away intact. An eye for an eye or a hand for a bread loaf....they deserve what they get...lose?

So the world will forever be imprisoned by a fake religion based on volcano worship, most likely Islam seeing as it's the most smashy smashy. Well, I'll be dead by then so it won't bother me and, besides, the word is full of fakes anyway so it might as well be ruled by something fake. I'll die a happy death knowing the best system for the people will be forced upon them. It will bring an end to the millennia long bickering and prattle prattle between the various factions. An end to the circular arguments that could send any sane person round the bend will be a blessing for humankind, even though it will be ended by a fake religion based on a big blunder. If it works it works.....that's what I say.

So, I shall hang up my finger tips and settle into crusading retirement.

Stuff the truth....three cheers to lies, damn lies and god damn lies!!!

They have so much going for them.

This post is a joke. Laugh while you still can.

My finger tips are going to be working just as hard as ever but on a new project. Watch this space.

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Was God a Volcano?

This is a draft post to start me off on summing up my thoughts and findings to date. I shall add to it as and when I can.

The question, 'Was God a volcano?' can be answered by telling a story based on information in the Bible....

The Hebrews camped at the base of Mount Sinai. Yahweh was believed to be a creator god and giver of all things, 'The master of the universe and Lord of all nature.' He created the human community, land, rain, plants and animals. The Hebrews believed that Yahweh lived (or manifested himself) at the top of Mount Sinai when he came down from the heavens. They believed the mountain was Yahweh's throne on earth. It was the place where Moses, the leader of the tribe, met with Yahweh. They erected their tents to face the Lord or the Lord's tabernacle. Mount Sinai was referred to as 'His abode', 'His throne', 'His habitation'. There are many myths and songs associated with Yahweh and Mount Sinai. The Hebrews are monotheists believing in a unique and omnipotent god. Yet he was not a distant god. He had human characteristics and man was even said to be made in the image of god. Some say he lives in the sky or in the clouds but myths say he comes to earth from time to time to inspect it , bestow blessings and mete out punishments (Sodom and Gomorrah being examples of the latter). Thunder is attributed to Yahweh as is lightning. The Hebrews had migrated away from Egypt having escaped possible slavery conditions and had found themselves at the slopes of Mount Sinai and set up camp. This rock was known as the place where god was.


Now please read the story of the peoples who camped at the base on Mount Kenya, which is a volcano...

The Embu people live to the south-east of Mount Kenya,[10] and believe that the mountain is God's home (Meru word for God is Ngai or Mwene Njeru). The mountain is sacred, and they build their houses with the doors facing towards it.[17] The Embu people are closely related to the Ameru and Mbeere people. The Mbeere and Akamba are the settlers of the southeast side of the Mountain.

Ngai or mwene-nyaga is the creator and giver of all things, "the Divider of the Universe and Lord of Nature". He (Ngai) created the human community. It is also believed that He created the first Gĩkũyũ communities, and provided them with all the resources necessary for life: land, rain, plants and animals. He cannot be seen but is manifest in the sun, moon, stars, comets and meteors, thunder and lightning, rain, in rainbows and in the great fig trees (Mugumo). These trees served as places of worship and sacrifice and marked the spot at Mũkũrũe wa Gathanga where Gĩkũyũ and Mũmbi – the ancestors of the Gĩkũyũ in the oral legend – first settled.

Yet he was not a distant god. He has human characteristics, and although some say that He lives in the sky or in the clouds, Gĩkũyũ lore also says that he comes to earth from time to time to inspect it, bestow blessings and mete out punishment (similar to God's visit of Abraham before destroying Sodom). When he comes He rests on Mount Kenya and kĩrĩma kĩa njahĩ (Kilimambogo). Thunder is interpreted to be the movement of Ngai and lightning is the weapon used by Ngai to clear the way when moving from one sacred place to another. Some people believe that Ngai’s abode is on Mount Kenya, or else ‘beyond’ its peaks. Ngai, one legend says, made the mountain his resting place while on an inspection tour of earth.

The Gĩkũyũ live on the southern and western sides of the mountain. The Gĩkũyũ people believe that God, Ngai or Mwene Nyaga, lived on Mount Kenya when he came down from the sky. Ngai or mwene-nyaga is the creator and giver of all things, "the Divider of the Universe and Lord of Nature". He (Ngai) created the human community. It is also believed that He created the first Gĩkũyũ communities, and provided them with all the resources necessary for life: land, rain, plants and animals. Yet he was not a distant god (as known in the West). He has human characteristics, and although some say that He lives in the sky or in the clouds, Gĩkũyũ lore also says that he comes to earth from time to time to inspect it, bestow blessings and mete out punishment (similar to God's visit of Abraham before destroying Sodom). When he comes He rests on Mount Kenya and kĩrĩma kĩa njahĩ (Kilimambogo). Thunder is interpreted to be the movement of Ngai and lightning is the weapon used by Ngai to clear the way when moving from one sacred place to another. Some people believe that Ngai’s abode is on Mount Kenya, or else ‘beyond’ its peaks. Ngai, one legend says, made the mountain his resting place while on an inspection tour of earth. They believe that the mountain is Ngai's throne on earth. It is the place where Gĩkũyũ, the father of the tribe, used to meet with God. Kikuyus used to build their houses with the doors facing the mountain. The Gĩkũyũ name for Mount Kenya is Kĩrĩ Nyaga (Kirinyaga), which literally translates to 'God's Resting Place' or 'Where God Lives' in this case referring to Mwene Nyaga. Mt. Kenya features a lot in the Ameru folklore and songs. The Gĩkũyũ were – and still are – monotheists believing in a unique and omnipotent god whom they refer to as Ngai.

The migration to Mount Kenya was perhaps due to conflicts there, such as slavery. It is believed that they migrated as far as the Kenyan Coast, since the Meru elders refer to Mpwa (aPwani or Coast) as their origin. The conflicts there, perhaps slave trade by Arabs, forced them to retreat northeast to the interior of Kenya, and they settled by the slopes of Mount Kenya. They were to refer to this location as the place of the Lord.


Was God a Volcano? Well, Mount Kenya is a volcano and the similarities between its associated clans and the Hebrew clan are too numerous to ignore. The correlation between the supposed meeting with god at Mount Sinai and the meeting with another god at Mount Kenya is very obvious. These two scenarios are far from alone in the world of ancient mountain fire gods.

My knowledge has grown to now believing many ancient civilisations throughout the world lived near to volcanoes due to them believing they were the homes/thrones of gods when they chose to pay earth a visit and come down from the sky. Back in ancient times, volcanoes were as misunderstood as they were anthropomorphised. All ancient people believed they were the chosen homes of fire/mountain/volcano gods. They believed a volcano god would choose a tall mountain to set up home/temple and then put on a fiery show. This would attract nomadic clans who would set up camp at the base of the volcano. Sometimes they would be so awed by a very tall mountain they would choose it and lie in wait for a volcano god to arrive, often being disappointed. That explains why non-volcanic mountains are known to have, in history, been viewed as 'holy'.

Where does god live?

Their god in residence sign would have been smoke or a lake of fire. Signs of his wrath would have been an eruption. The ancients would often build mounds/temples/pyramids to represent the volcanoes and to perform rituals to entice the god to commune with them. This explains the strong correlation between the locations of volcanoes and the locations of pyramids/temples. The exceptions being due to migration of people and beliefs away from inhospitable volcanic land. There is also a strong correlation between the centres of religion and volcanoes.

The volcano gods were seen as creator gods because they created new land. Stories based on real accounts, which is what myths were, would have been passed down through the generations and would have included stories about primordial mounds in the sea, 90% of volcanoes being submarine. Volcanoes also eventually make soil enriched with nutrients and they are also a good source of precious gems and metals. The eruptions would often have killed many people given the people lived so close to them, enjoying the rich volcanic soil. These killings would have been viewed as punishment for sins, hence the start of the idea of sinning and god's punishment. The volcano would have been seen to give life in the form of life giving nutrients and new land, and also as taking life away. The volcano would also have been seen as a warlord due to sometimes destroying camps on the other side of the volcano. The rivers of lava or fiery ash tumbling down the sides of the volcano are described as 'chariots of fire' in the Bible and elsewhere.....

There are thousands of pyramids throughout the world, some we have only just discovered due to them having become overgrown and now looking more like hills. Manmade mounds were built also to bury important people. It was thought the god would visit the mound and take the soul with him.
Throughout the world there is evidence of burial caves in the sides of mountains. This correlates with volcano worship as all mountains were seen as potential landing places/thrones of the fire god who they thought lived in the sky when not being fiery on earth. It is a possibility they believed these gods' normal homes were the stars and the sun, shooting stars looking very much like something travelling. The sky at night then would have been crystal clear and the people would have been very knowledgeable about it and very focused on it seeing as they didn't have a great deal else to look at at night.

The Israelites are believed to have originated from Mesopotamia, which is a fertile crescent of land adjacent to Mount Ararat, which is a volcano. The land was fertile because of the ash deposits of the volcano. Volcano worship was in-grained in the Israelites. Volcano gods would have been more numerous than any other type of god in ancient times. The tribes of Israel might have originated from various places, as well as Mesopotamia, one place possibly being the Mediterranean during the Santorini fallout. This event went on for many months with a few warning eruptions prior to the major eruption, giving the people of Santorini and Crete plenty of time to escape, which explains why no bodies were found. These people, who lived north of Egypt, would have become refugees in Egypt as well as other places. These refugees will have been labeled 'Habiru', which some people believe was the reason for the name 'Hebrew'. Habiru in Egypt were people living on the fringe of society: slaves, servants, thieves, vagrants, refugees, etc.

These Habiru, which might have been the Israelites from Mesopotamia plus the refugees from Santorini, would have lived as subordinates to the Egytians. The Bible states very clearly that the Israelites stole valuables from the Egytians prior to fleeing during the 'ten plagues'. This suggests the Israelites were crooks...Habiru. The Santorini eruption gave the Israelites the opportunity to steal and run, and that is exactly what they did. As they had volcano worship in their history, they thanked the volcano god for his hand in creating the right environment for doing their dirty deed.

The 'holy land' of Egypt, Sinai, Saudi, Ethiopia, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran, etc is holy because it all lies around a rift zone where two continents are ripping the land apart....Africa and Arabia. The waterways of the Holy land are the rips and they are lined with volcanoes, as well as the adjacent land. Saudi and Ethiopia are both very volcanic, which explains why there are Jews in Ethiopia, why Rastafarianism (an Abrahamic religion) originated in Ethiopia and why Mecca and Medina are 'holy' (lying next to volcanoes and massive volcanic harrats).

Submerged volcanoes in rivers, such as the Jordan River, were sometimes seen as sea monsters or dragons called Leviathan.

As the Israelites made off with their stolen stash of valuables, they came across something in the distance that looked like a pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night. As they meandered around the terrain, the pillar appeared to move as though it was guiding them like a 'shepherd'. Instead, of course, the pillar was stationary but appeared to move due to the optical illusion of distant objects moving as you change your perspective.

As the Israelites approached the pillar, which was the volcano Mount Sinai, they fell to the floor in praise. This was, to them, the god that brought them out of Egypt. This god, which they say looked like a fire on the top of the mountain, was the god they had to thank for their lucky break and god forbid anyone who could deny it, which is why the Bible is riddled with 'don't forget the god that brought you out of Egypt'.

To the Israelites the glory of the Lord looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain. Exodus 24:17

Volcano gods were not seen as the actual mountain. They were believed to live inside the top of the volcanoes and make all the magical show happen. They were believed to be able to move from one mountain to another, and this would have been the ancient explanation for domino eruptions along rift zones during massive tectonic movement, which could well have resulted from the Santorini eruption.

He said: "The LORD came from Sinai and dawned over them from Seir; he shone forth from Mount Paran. He came with myriads of holy ones from the south, from his mountain slopes. Deut 33.2
Myriad of holy ones....

You have to analyse the Bible in ancient terms. You have to empathise with the ancient people and try to think as they thought in order to understand what they were looking at.
If you find all this laughable then you are finding history laughable, and that is understandable. The ancient people were laughably superstitious. This whole story has been complicated by people determined to make it into something it's not....magical. It needs to be simplified in order to be understood and portrayed in an honest light.

More to come.....just a draft.


Additional information


Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Creation Myth - Volcanoes spewing out new islands in the sea


Out of all the ‘Creation’ myths of the ancient Egyptians, the ‘Heliopolitan’ version (named after the city of Heliopolis) is the most popular. It is said that in the beginning, the universe was a “formless, watery void” named Nu or Nun. The English word ‘None’ – meaning “nothing” or “zero” may be a derivative of this ancient name.

Out of the waters of Nun emerged a phallic-shaped hill – the ‘primeval mound’. This hill or mound is a metaphor for a vortex or energy – a circular matrix created from its own centre. This creation myth is the origin of the ancient Egyptian Sun symbol – a simple circle with a dot.

Some traditions hold to the idea that the waters of Nun surround this ‘hill’ or ‘mound’ – being the first ‘world mountain.’ However, it would be more correct to say that the “waters” (the potential energy) of ‘Nun’ is at the very centre of the mound – like the lava at the centre of a volcano – being the centre of all creation.

Here, the confusing concept of the ‘World Mountain’ can be further explained in that an analogy was made with the “liquid-fire” (lava) that rises up from the depths or centre of the earth and through a mountain volcano so as to explode in all directions from the truncated summit. We would also note that the Great Pyramid is truncated.

The sexual imagery was not lost on those who noticed the correspondence between the lava rising upward through the axis of the volcano, the Kundalini prana energy – the mix of ‘fire’ and ‘water’ – rising up through the sushumna of the spine, and the semen, which rises up through the phallus at the climactic moment of sexual intercourse between male and female subjects – again the opposites.
In Hindu cosmology, this ancient Egyptian imagery of the energy rising up through the phallus of Atum-Ra and surrounded by the “waters” – the matrix of space – would be interpreted as the male Lingam (erect penis) surrounded by the female Yoni (vagina). It is said that from this union of Lingam and Yoni, the whole universe comes into being. And this would be correct as the sexual act reflects the fusion of opposites; the same mechanistic process that goes on within one’s consciousness and also at the microcosmic levels of reality; the “seeds” from which all things are being continually created and recreated.

In the Egyptian creation myth, it was from this phallic hill, that Atum-Ra, by enfolding his hand around his penis (again demonstrating the union of opposites) masturbated himself to an explosive orgasm – his seed igniting the birth of the Universe and creating all life within it. From this fusion point, the Universe expanded in all complexity – unfolding like a flower through many levels. In the minds of the ancients, this was how the material world became manifest.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Volcano Smoke Rings - Angels' halos

Video of volcano smoke rings.

Volcano smoke rings were the original angels' halos!

How bloody hilarious is that?!

A major hat tip to dangerdogg on Reddit for this amazing revelation.

A little run down of holy volcanic revelations...

1. Yahweh was an imaginary volcano god.
2. The Leviathan was an underwater volcano.
3. The saying 'my rock' originated from volcano worship.
4. 'Chariots of fire' was tumbling ash clouds/lapilli/lava.
5. Hail in the Bible was sometimes volcanic hail mixed with ice.
6. The lake of fire was a flaming volcano caldera.
7. Fire and brimstone was the sulphur emissions of a volcano.
8. The burning bush was caused by a flaming volcanic gas leak.
9. Mount Sinai was a volcano probably in Arabia.
10. The ten plagues of Egypt were caused by the fallout of the Santorini eruption.
11. The 'Holy Land' is 'holy' because it lies where two continents are ripping apart.
12. 'Holy Smoke!' was an exclamation made when god was communicating.
13. God's first temple was his holy hill....his volcano.
14. Pyramids (meaning fire in the middle) represented volcanoes.

....I believe!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Illuminati - Volcanoes - Pyramids



Saturday, July 6, 2013

Egyptian Benben and the Leviathan

Comment added to my post on the correlation between pyramids and volcanoes.

Fog Horn, I came across this and thought you might be interested in the thoughts of people through the history of Ancient Egypt about this thing called 'Benben' in their religious beliefs and it's relation to ideas about volcanic and seismic activity. I'm not sure if you've heard of it before. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem easy to find in-depth research by professional experts about it.

The mound rising up from the waters sounds like a submarine volcano, the Leviathan in the Bible. In some civilisations, the submarine volcano would have been seen as the creator god and in others, which worshipped land volcanoes, the submarine volcanoes seem to have been viewed as monsters, dragons, devils, adversaries.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Was the Old Testament God a Volcano God?

This video was made six years ago. I feel fairly sure there will be just as many obstacles (people) to educating the masses in six years time as there are now and most likely were then.

'Hey, did you know god was a volcano?'

'Yes, of course I knew!'


'So what? Who cares? What difference does it make? They will never believe you!'


'Is there an academic paper on the subject? I can only think about a new idea if someone has written a paper on it. Until then, Miss, you have nothing.'


'We don't need to know what god was to know he was not real!!!'

I've heard it all and more many times over. It can be summed up in this....this thing is too unsettling for people to contemplate.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Volcano Gods

A new short video on Volcano Gods focusing on The Invention of God by Bill Lauritzen.

Buy the book here.

I will write a review when I have finished reading it.

Asphalt Volcanoes In Dead Sea?

Are there submerged asphalt volcanoes in the Dead Sea and were they responsible for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

In this post you will read about several magmatic domes found recently in the Dead Sea.


Asphalt Volcano
An asphalt volcano is a rare type of submarine volcano (seamount) first discovered in 2003. Several examples have been found: first, along the coasts of America and Mexico, and, recently, all over the world; a few are still active.[1] Resembling seamounts in structure, they are made entirely of asphalt, and form when natural oil seeps up from the Earth's crust underwater. Asphalt volcanoes are ocean floor vents that erupt asphalt instead of lava.
The first asphalt volcanoes were discovered in 2003 by a research expedition to the Gulf of Mexico.[2] They are located on a seafloor hill named "Chapopote," Nahuatl for "tar." The site is located in a field of salt domes known as the Campeche Knolls, a series of steep hills formed from salt bodies that rise from underlying rock, a common feature in the gulf.
All above taken from Wiki.
THE DEAD SEA This is an unstable area.  There is underground heat (thermal energy), as can be seen in the hot springs on both sides of the Dead Sea.*  There are also petroleum products, as can be seen in the oil slicks that occur regularly on the surface of the water.  Big chunks of tar or asphalt occasionally come floating to the surface.  This gave the Dead Sea its Roman name:  "Lake Asphaltitis" (the Lake of Asphalt).  In the time of the New Testament, Josephus reported that there were pieces of tar floating in the water the size and shape of "headless bulls" (Wars 4.479). 
Discussing recently discovered submarine asphalt volcanoes off the coast of California.....
They found brittle cascades of hardened asphalt rippling down the volcanoes' flanks. Though dormant, two still burped bubbles of methane here and there. Some were steep and craggy, looming in total darkness. Some had shallow craters at the top. All were made of solid asphalt.
The volcanoes are located in an area of the sea floor where layers of sediment have provided researchers with a kind of geophysical archive, like bands of a tree trunk. There also are tar deposits filled with remnants of ancient marine life. Read more at:

Genesis 14:10 Now the Valley of Siddim was full of tar pits, and when the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some of the men fell into them and the rest fled to the hills.

It certainly looks as though the Dead Sea (Lake Asphalt) is home to some submarine asphalt volcanoes. More to come.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wax Mannequin - Volcano God

Yahweh, the god of the Abrahamic religions, was a volcano god and Wax Mannequin will make a lot of money when the world finally wakes up to the biggest folly of human history.

God was a volcano

It's going to come out big time soon and all those people who rejected this theory whilst claiming to work for the demise of religions will be kicking themselves for not having the moral courage to admit to themselves that this is/was the silver bullet they had all hoped for.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Psychopathy of Islam and Muslims

This video interview of Dr Nicolai Sennels by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is very different to the norm as it is packed with scientifically backed findings regarding the psychology, which seems to err towards psychopathy, of Islam. In short, Islam can be shown scientifically to be a religion of anger and, according to Sennels, 'an unhealthy religion.'
Islam is one of the Abrahamic religions, which were based on the ancient Hebrews' worship of Yahweh, who was an imaginary volcano deity. Islam is therefore a very large religion based on absolutely nothing and should be very easy to bring down, once people realise god was a volcano.
See these Biblical verses to get you started.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Reddit Ask Historians - Bad History Turned Good

If you are in need of a good laugh then stay with me as I can gaurantee you will find this amusing. It has certainly put a smile on my face. You may have read my post about my frustrations with Reddit's Ask Historians and their inability to comprehend the possibility there could ever have been such a thing as a volcano cult worshipping imaginery volcano gods. Yes, I kid you not. Could an expert community be any more lacking in relevant expertise?

Obviously Ask Historians needs to recruit an expert in mythology, theology or even geography as I'm sure any one of them would know this planet has hosted countless volcano cults. There have probably been countless such cults for every volcano in the world, yet try as I may I could not find an expert at Ask Historians who knew the slightest thing about them and they banned me for being more of an expert on the subject than were they.

One pompous person even took it upon himself to defend the ancients from, what he obviously deemed, slander. Maybe he should go to Hawaii and hand out leaflets re-educating the Hawaiians on their own history telling them it was all a big lie and their ancestors always knew what volcanoes were and Pele was in fact a sea goddess.....and so sorry for the offence caused by those awful people. Maybe he needs to head off to Java as well so he can send messages out via loudspeaker to the Hindus who still throw chickens into the volcanoes. 'Hello there. Yoo hoo! Um...just wanted to say I apologise for all that terrible nonesense about you and your people thinking volcanoes were the homes of volcano gods. So so terribly sorry. It was all a silly mistake. How terribly insulting of us?'

Anyway, to get to the punchline you must read through these snippits taken from yet another thread they've started about me on Reddit's Bad History, as if they needed to dig their hole any deeper. I've snipped the whole thread.....there's nothing missing as of today. The last comment seems to have ended their merry banter rather abruptly. See if you can work out why.

So, after much back slapping, one jock went and put his foot in it and said, 'there certainly is evidence that god was at at least some points in history and effective volcano deity.' Obvisouly he was drunk as his writing was affected along with his judgement. Alcohol often makes a person blurt out the truth when doing so would be frowned upon by peers.

In time, this will make a great comedy sketch.

The ending of this comedy sketch suggested Christianity could potentially remain standing on the foundations of a volcano deity. Well, would you put your faith in a dead Jew who claimed to be the son of a volcano deity?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flying Spagetti Monster supports Oh My Volcano

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did The Obsession With Making Triangles Originate In Volcano Worship?