Friday, July 26, 2013

Volcano Smoke Rings - Angels' halos

Video of volcano smoke rings.

Volcano smoke rings were the original angels' halos!

How bloody hilarious is that?!

A major hat tip to dangerdogg on Reddit for this amazing revelation.

A little run down of holy volcanic revelations...

1. Yahweh was an imaginary volcano god.
2. The Leviathan was an underwater volcano.
3. The saying 'my rock' originated from volcano worship.
4. 'Chariots of fire' was tumbling ash clouds/lapilli/lava.
5. Hail in the Bible was sometimes volcanic hail mixed with ice.
6. The lake of fire was a flaming volcano caldera.
7. Fire and brimstone was the sulphur emissions of a volcano.
8. The burning bush was caused by a flaming volcanic gas leak.
9. Mount Sinai was a volcano probably in Arabia.
10. The ten plagues of Egypt were caused by the fallout of the Santorini eruption.
11. The 'Holy Land' is 'holy' because it lies where two continents are ripping apart.
12. 'Holy Smoke!' was an exclamation made when god was communicating.
13. God's first temple was his holy hill....his volcano.
14. Pyramids (meaning fire in the middle) represented volcanoes.

....I believe!

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