Saturday, August 18, 2012

Muslim Destruction of Idol Worship in Europe

I've just been banned from the Mumsnet forum, a place I had believed would put the welfare of our future generations before the sensitivities of people who believe objects can move on their own or who revere a murdering terrorist who had sex with a nine year old. Clearly, there are limits to the amount Mumsnet cares about children, or maybe they just received too many 'recommendations' from muslims and their dhimmies.

I shall now explain what I believe was the final straw for Mumsnet.

I came across this video, about the threat of the destruction of 'idol worship' in Europe and posted it to Mumsnet.

I thought it was important people started to discuss the possibility this man's aims and desires will be fullfilled. Muslims have and do destroy objects of idolotry. Who could possibly argue with that? Well, plenty of people can on Mumsnet where speaking the truth is not acceptable. The Taliban destroyed the Buddhas in Afghanistan not that long ago, something a muslim defended on Mumsnet claiming the Taliban was just wanting money to be diverted from tourism to healthcare. Apparently the less things of interest in the world, the more money will be spent on the things people actually need to survive. That is, of course, an admirable albeit bland idea but not one put into practice by muslims who seem to want to throw all their money at gold plated mosques on every street corner. The first muslim to wipe the slate clean was Mohammad himself when he 'cleansed' the Kabba of the 360 idol worship statues and trinkets. He, of course, didn't start this monotheistic idea: the Jews not only destroyed idolotrous objects but also their associated priests. Monotheism, of course, just means 'my way or the highway' and the Abrahamic religions have been the thugs of faith. The destruction of evidence of previous religions, which is what this is, is a sign of a jealous and suspicious mentality.

Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan, destroyed by muslims emulating their prophet,
which are now monuments to the weak Islamic mindset and will be visited by future
generations who will learn valuable life lessons from it.

It was the very first man of the Abrahamic religions who got smashy smashy about statues. This article not only talks about Abraham smashing up his father's 'idols' but also about Abraham supposedly getting chucked into what was obviously a volcano. A rather fitting piece.

I would so love to be alive to see the faces of the likes of the sex-starved rag head in the video above when it dawns on them that their idol is a volcano. Kind of dampens the passion somewhat doesn't it? Will they then go smashing up all volcanoes or will they alll start collections of miniature volcanoes, all lined up on their mantlepieces? Tough choice.

As 45% of Brussels, the capital of Europe, is now muslim, and as half of all births in Belgium are now muslim, I think there is a good chance that iconic landmarks of Belgium are on shaky ground, just as are the Pyramids of Egypt with their new Islamist government.

Mumsnet.....welcome to the list on the right where you will stay until this theory does go viral and the world can see who delayed its exposure. p.s. did you not notice the woman who was defending the Taliban's destruction of the Buddhas? You deleted me but kept her? Mumsnet.....for baby's dummies and foolish dhimmies.

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  1. Man these people need to get out of our europe!!