Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Latest on the Leviathan

I've decided to try to get the expert community to take a look at my Leviathan theory. I have updated the post, which you can find here.

Plus this thread is a good example of how people who call themselves Christians debate such topics....

This is what one Christian said about my theory on first seeing it....

I think your premise is quite plausible.

and on discovering I was an atheist....

I think any insistence of a fable interpretation, or a “mistaken identity”, is problematic. we are reducing God’s word (IMO) to a collection of histories inspired by men, not of God. This is the consequence of such an interpretation of Leviathan as a mistaken identity. If the Bible is to be understood as God breathed, then such mistaken identities cannot exist. Leviathan can be considered symbolic, anthropomorphic or literal; but a mistaken identity should be ruled out.

and after the debate became a school playground....

if you want to try and convince me that my faith is on par with paganism, then I am not interested in even a conversation. Sorry, but I am not here for that reason, and I don't think that such discussions will profit either one of us.
So, at first, he could see the validity in the theory. Then, when he realised the implications, he backed out. He clearly states that anything that threatens his faith is not a subject of discussion for him, although he will happily try to make me become as deluded as he. He clearly needs to realise what anthropomorphism, (which he admits occurs throughout the Bible) means because it mostly occurred due to mistaken identity and not through choice. He even admits that angels was anthropomorphised fire.

Stuck like glue.

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