Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ten Plagues of Egypt......frogs/toads

This is what the great LORD says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me. If you refuse to let them go, I will plague your whole country with frogs. The Nile will teem with frogs. They will come up into your palace and your bedroom and onto your bed, into the houses of your officials and on your people, and into your ovens and kneading troughs. The frogs will go up on you and your people and all your officials. Exodus 8:1-4

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  1. A large community can easily cause a plague of frogs. Bred in captivity the success rate is way higher than in the wild. A protected pond behind each house is enough. Likewise plagues of flies, locusts, and mice are very easy to contrive if you have some basic knowledge.

  2. Frogs, toads, flies, locusts, mice etc, are very easy to breed in large numbers. The Jews in Egypt could have easily contrived plagues of pests. Each house could have a little protected pond or enclosure.

  3. Hi, to Blog writer

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  4. Your link seems to no longer works.

    I believe this link has the same story:

    Here are links to studies about this:

  5. Thanks for letting me know anon. I shall change it now.

  6. ITS SYMBOLIC!!!!!!!!!

    1. It is symbolic of primitive minds that knew nothing of geology but were extremely superstitious and described everything natural in terms of imaginary gods or supernatural forces.