Monday, November 21, 2011

Moses and Mount Sinai

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It really is amazing that for thousands of years countless hundreds of millions of people have not been able to put two and two together to get four. What is it that prevented the connection? The simplist thing to work out has been missed in the most gargantuan way. This penny is one serious bugger to drop, but drop it will very soon in the most gargantuan way.
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  1. I am enjoying this site and I have long held the thought that a lot of references to god could be associated with volcanoes, however if you dig deeper there is no evidence that moses existed at all apart from the bible?

  2. Hi Neil. Thanks for the positive feedback. This theory is not a popular one ;)

    You may be right about Moses. Who knows for sure? Freud suggested there might have been two Moses characters and they were merged into one to create a historical hero. There are things that make me believe there was a person, or people. It's all in the details. Here are two things....

    Moses's face 'shon' when he both came down from Mt Sinai and also when he came out of the Holy of Holiest in the Tabernacle. I believe the Holy of Holiest was sited over either a flaming gas leak or a lava vent or open tube, which is common around volcanoes. This information on his face shining tells me that this did actually happen. If it hadn't happened, why include such a random piece of information into the story.

    Another thing is the burning bush. Someone at some point must have been confronted with a burning bush and it must have freaked the person out so much they believed it was a sign of some sort of devine power. Of course, it wasn't divine but most likely a flaming gas leak in the volcanic area of Arabia.

    Freud suggested there was one 'Moses' in Egypt and another in Arabia and the two were morphed into one.

    This is issue is not that critical and neither are a lot of the arguments most atheists throw at me, although no offence aimed at you for putting it to me. I suspect you will understand what I say whereas most atheists are as pig headed as religious people.

    Timing, dating, etc, are also not that important. The important thing is that it is blatantly obvious (once you look for it) that the Jews thought volcanic activity was their god, having been 'saved' from the fallout of the Santorini eruption. There are lots of possibilities and I'm not saying I'm right about all the ideas I put forward, but god being seen as volcanic activity, and not just causing it, is very clear so the rest is pretty insignificant.