Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yahweh the Storm God?

One of the biggest arguments I get against the theory the ancient Hebrews worshipped an imaginery volcano god is that Yahweh is often assumed to be a storm god due to all the lightening, clouds, rain and darkness. Well, all those things can be produced very impressively by volcanoes. In fact, lightening displays can be more impressive on top of a volcano than in the open sky due to the ash clouds.

This article explains how volcanoes can produce massive electrical storms.

It is also worth noting for future research that there is a place called Ha'il where there are volcanoes that throw out balls of white sulphur that could look like hail, and the that could be where the word 'hail' came from. That place is in Saudi Arabia and this is one of its volcanoes.
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