Thursday, March 29, 2012

Volcanic Eruption off Coast of Saudi Arabia

Well things certainly are hotting up aren't they? The number of people who have laughed at me on forums for saying Saudi is volcanic and the number of people who have refused to believe any volcanoes in Saudi could be active, recent or even's a wonder I've carried on with this theory. My volcano! I'm not getting paid for all this either!

So, here you active volcano in Saudi/Yemen waters....also showing how the Hebrew imaginery god can create land....he is the creator after all. Water cooled lava islands. The Red Sea is lined with volcanoes and those volcanoes will erupt whenever there is drift of the continents and as stated in an earlier post, this can happen suddenly. Imagine the shock and awe that sight would have on ancient nomads. Enough to inspire a religion.
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  1. I hope people in Saudi Arabia will be protected from the harm of natural disaster like volcano eruption. I'm sure the government will do something about it.

  2. I hope the people of Saudi Arabia will realise they all worship an imaginery volcano god. Maybe then people around the world would not will volcanic eruptions on and casually dismiss deaths due to volcanoes as 'god's will'...or 'they got what they deserved'.