Monday, April 2, 2012

Volcano in Hebrew

After debating on a Jewish forum (that has now been locked by the moderator for reasons unknown to me...and all external links removed...much like the atheist forum did recently), I found the general concensus was that some Jews already knew Mount Sinai was a volcano, some Jews were open to the idea of the ancient Hebrew god being an imaginery volcano god (and they'd still carry on being religious) and some who completely denied the possibility.

Before the thread was locked, the following line was posted in the last and possibly best comment...

There is no word for "volcano" in Classical Hebrew. 

So, the ancient Hebrews' volcanic holy land did not, in thousands of years, reveal god's greatest and most awesome creation....the volcano? Or is it that volcanoes featured so strongly they were not called volcanoes but Most High, the Lord's abode, his dwelling place and 'My Rock'?

The word 'volcano' in Hebrew is 'volcan'.
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