Monday, February 13, 2012

Evidence of Rapid Continental Drift - SHOCK DYNAMICS

'In spite of what we have been told by the mass media and "science" publications, there is no strong evidence (much less proof) that the continents have been drifting apart for millions of years, and in fact, the evidence suggests that they split up quite rapidly.'

That is part of the conclusion of this article that challenges pre-conceived ideas on continental drift, which may in fact have been continental sprint.

Two convincing reason for the rapid plate movement theory are...

'Massive layers of sedimentary rock in many parts of the world have been severely distorted (i.e. bent out of shape), yet they display little, if any, cracking or breaking. 5,6  In other words these rocks appear to have been bent before they had time to harden.'


'In many parts of the world tree stumps have been found imbedded in vertical position running through multiple layers of strata.  Such facts indicate that these trees were buried catastrophically (i.e. rapidly) before they had time to decay.'

And from this article......'To illustrate, if you hit a slab of ice hard enough with a big enough hammer, the ice shatters and the pieces slide away from the blow. --- * That is precisely what happened to Earth. --- * The meteorite impact was the hammer blow, and the continental crust was the slab of ice. --- * Estimated time from start to finish: --- Plate Tectonics - about 200 million years (and still ongoing) --- Shock Dynamics - about 26 hours (based on a shear wave propagation speed of 150 m/s) --- * a characteristic of the crust... Put simply, it temporarily acts like a fluid when enough stress is applied. --- * Well known on a small scale as a Bingham Fluid, Melosh suggests that fluidization at the base of large landslides reduces friction to near zero. He calls it acoustic fluidization.'

And from this article........'When God created the land and sea, the waters were "gathered together unto one place" (Genesis 1:9), which may imply one large ocean and one large land mass. The scripture which says "the earth was divided" in the days of Peleg (Genesis 10:25) is generally thought to refer to the Tower of Babel division (Genesis 11:1-9) and some suppose this included continental separation. To believe, however, that the continents moved thousands of miles during the Tower of Babel incident without causing another global flood requires a miracle. Similarly, it is doubtful whether the long day of Joshua can be explained naturalistically by plate tectonics.

If continental separation did occur, the only place within the Bible framework where it could fit would be during Noah's Flood. The cause of Noah's Flood is described in tectonic terms: "all the fountains of the great deep broken up" (Genesis 7:11). The Hebrew word for "broken up" is baga and is used in other Old Testament passages (Zechariah 14:4; Numbers 16:31) to refer to the geologic phenomena of faulting. The mechanism for retreat of the Flood waters is also associated with tectonics. Psalm 104:6,7 describes the abating of the waters which stood above the mountains; the eighth verse properly translated says, "The mountains rose up; the valleys sank down." It is interesting to note that the "mountains of Ararat" (Genesis 8:4), the resting place of the Ark after the 150th day of the Flood, are in a tectonically active region at the junction of three lithospheric plates.

The article above concludes with the following....'The idea that sea-floor plates form slowly and continuously at a rate of a few centimeters each year as the ocean crust is being rift apart, is not supported by geologic data. The concept of destruction of sea-floor plates over millions of years by slow underthrusting below ocean trenches is also doubtful. Furthermore, the cause for the alleged gradual and uninterrupted motion of plates is an unsolved mystery. Despite these failures in the modern theory of "plate tectonics," the notion that the earth's surface has been deformed at the margins of moving plate-like slabs appears to be a valid one. The facts indicate that the separation of the continents, rifting of the ocean floor, and underthrusting of ocean trenches, were accomplished by rapid processes, not occurring today, initiated by a catastrophic mechanism. Noah's Flood, as described in the Bible, was certainly associated with tectonic processes and provides the time in the Biblical framework of earth history when continental separation may have occurred.'
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