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Allah the Volcano God

Once the reality dawns on the muslims that it was all due to volcanic activity maybe the world will start to become a more harmonious place......

This is an into to a new academic paper putting forth the theory Yahweh, the god or Allah of the muslims, was of volcanic origin....

Since time immemorial countless scholars have sought to discover the location of Mount Sinai and the origin of the deity Yahweh. One theory, the Midianite–Kenite hypothesis, places the early Yahwistic tradition and the sacred mountain associated with it in Midian on the eastern shores of Aqabah, far south of Canaan proper. This study combines the southern geographical placement of Yahweh's sacred mountain in Midian with biblical descriptions of the theophany at Sinai-Horeb—descriptions which have prompted scholars to interpret the events at the ‘mountain of God’ as volcanic in nature. Because the thesis of Yahweh as a volcano-god has virtually disappeared from the current scientific literature, it is worthwhile to present it once again. First revisiting the history of the ‘volcano hypothesis’ and prior scholarship, this study next advances an interdisciplinary approach and a new reformulation of the Midianite–Kenite hypothesis, combining geography, geology, and volcanology with the textual element that deals with ancient Midian and the Sinai-Horeb tradition. Finally, this study seeks to offer a scientific analysis of the texts, both poetic and narrative, which seem to indicate Sinai-Horeb was a volcanic mountain and pilgrimage site in northwest Saudi Arabia.
A God of Volcanoes: Did Yahwism Take Root in Volcanic Ashes? Jacob Dunn.

Before you read the following please watch this video.

'Together with the base of this mighty fissure, which runs precisely through this area, the Vale of Siddim, including Sodom and Gomorrah, plunged one day into the abyss. Their destruction came about through a great earthquake which was probably accompanied by explosions, lightning, issue of natural gas and general conflagration... The subsidence released volcanic forces that had been lying dormant deep down along the whole length of the fracture. In the upper valley of the Jordan near Bashan there are still towering craters of extinct volcanoes; great stretches of lava and deep layers of basalt have been deposited on the limestone surface.

These layers of lava and basalt are the most important evidence showing that a volcanic eruption and earthquake once took place there. In any event Lake Lut, otherwise known as the Dead Sea, lies directly above a seismically active region-in other words, an earthquake belt:

The base of the dead sea is located with a tectonic rooted downfall. This valley is located in a tension stretching between the Taberiye Lake in the north, and mid of Arabah Valley in the south.

The technical aspect of the disaster suffered by the people of Lut has been revealed in studies carried out by geologists. These have shown that the earthquake which wiped out the people of Lut came about as the result of a very long fault line. The Jordan River drops a total of 180 metres during its 190 km course. This, and the fact that the Dead Sea is 400 metres below sea level, combined to prove that that there once took place a major geological event in and around this area.

This interesting structure of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea comprise only part of the crack or fissure which passes through this region. It begins at the slopes of the Toros Mountains and runs southward past the southern shores of the Dead Sea, through the Arabian Desert, reaching the Gulf of Aqaba, from where it crosses the Red Sea before coming to an end in Africa. There is major volcanic activity in those areas through which the line passes. In fact, this occurs to such an extent that black basalt and lava can be found in the Mountains of Galilee in Israel, in part of the high plateaus in Jordan, the Gulf of Aqaba and other areas.

All these remains and geographical features show that there was a major geological event at the Dead Sea.'

Quote above taken from article here...

Please also see this post of depictions of Mohammad the prophet of Islam engulfed in fire as prophets of volcano gods were.
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  1. It is interesting to read your theories about The Ark of The Covenant in the Kaaba and your expositions on the volcano god. Are you familiar with Immanuel Velikovsky's book, 'Ages in Chaos,' and Patricia Crone's book, 'Hagarism?' I think you'd find both books relevant to your research. I am exploring similar areas and am particularly interested to discover if the original Mecca was much further north. I admire your determination and think you are bringing valuable information to light.
    Keep digging!

    Best to you ~ J. Spooner

  2. Hello,

    No I haven't read those books. I will try to get hold of them.

    I've been focusing on other projects and that is why I've not posted a lot recently. I do, however, always try to promote the blog. If you could also pass it on then that would help to speed things up a bit.

    Mecca not being Mecca? I don't know anything about that possibility but I do have my suspicions Jerusalem was not Jerusalem but somewhere further south, maybe even Mecca. Maybe Mohammad's trips to Jerusalem were not quite as lengthy.

    I will resume serious digging work as soon as I am able to focus on it again.

    Thanks for your moral support. It's nice to get positive feedback for a change. I'm sure you can imagine the hostilites and atheists are the most hostile!

    Fog :)