Wednesday, February 27, 2013

English Defence League

Unfortunately, the English Defence League has banned me from their forums for, I can only assume, risking an internal conflict between its theists and atheists.

All members of the EDL have probably spent years wracking their brains trying to think of a solution to the creeping Islamisation of England. They are probably all in a state of partial rage at the situation the western world has been forced into against its wishes. I know this because I too have felt the same.

I handed them the perfect solution on a plate. It was perfect because it was a peaceful solution, it was a cheap solution, it was a fair solution for all concerned, it could have been a quick solution and, most importantly of all, it was based on the truth.

Unfortunately, it was obviously not good enough for the organisation that claims to want to defend England.

To the atheists of the EDL. Thank the theists of the EDL for preventing you from making use of the silver bullet I offered you all. In time, some of you will remember when a woman said it was better to sacrifice Yahweh, the imaginery desert nomad genocidal volcano deity who apparently liked the smell of burning flesh, in order to save England and you will realise how stupid and cowardly the EDL was for not doing it.
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  1. Islamisation is not Britain's (nor Europe's) problem. Negrification/Arabification is.

  2. There's not a great deal you can do about a person's skin colour. England now has a large number of people with dark skin. What do you propose? They all remove their skin, you ask them all to live somewhere else or you kill them all? There aren't any other choices.

    Anyone clinging to the ideal of England being full of people who look English is kidding themselves. The English look is dying out. That dream has gone. Forget it.

    The only thing we can hope to retain is our character and, fortunately, that IS something people can adopt no matter what skin colour they happen to reside in.

    Islamification is threatening our character and the loss of that will be more painful than the alteration to overall hue.

    We can't hope for a perfect English world anymore. The best we can hope for is the best of British character being saved from the brute force of Islam.

    Only one thing is needed for that to happen. We just need to publicly and en-masse admit Yahweh was an imaginery volcano god. Only about three people in the whole world seems able to shed the genocidal mountain god of fire who liked the smell of burning flesh, so we should all get ourselves measured up for burkas and pjs to beat the rush.