Friday, July 13, 2012

Was Allah Omnipresent?

Allah does not appear to have been omnipresent, given these verses.......more likely he was sitting on the top of volcanoes, being an imaginery volcano god....

'The Most Merciful rose over the Throne'(20:5)
'Then He rose over the Throne...' (32:4)
'Then He rose over the heaven when it was smoke' (41:11)
'Then they would surely have sought out a way to (ilaa) the Lord of the Throne' (17:42)
'To Him ascend all goodly words...'(35:10)
'So when His Lord appeared to the mountain, He made it to collapse to dust' (7:143)
'Do you feel secure that he who is over (fee) the heaven will not cause the earth to sink on you?' (67:16)
'Glorify the name of your Lord Most High' (87:1)
'The Most High, the Most Great' (2:255)
'The Most Great, The Most High' (13:9)
'Owner of High ranks, owner of the Throne.' (40:15)
'They fear their Lord from above them' (16:50
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