Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How did we find out about volcanoes?

How did we find out about volcanoes? Many people have argued with me that 'of course the Hebrews knew what volcanoes were silly!'. Well, considering the word 'volcano' is not used in the Bible one time and the only descriptive verses that could refer to volcanoes are also refering to 'God', I would hazard a guess they did not know what volcanoes were and that they were, in fact, in more awe of them than they should have been; they worshipped them, sacrificed animals at the foot of them to appease them and lived in fear of their imagined divine wrath.

This document by Isaac Asimou pretty much sums up how we humans found out about volcanoes. It makes complete sense but almost no-one is saying it.
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  2. A gay Christian. Now that is funny. Ever read the Old Testament? How can you reconcile yourself with the fact the god of the OT bares no relation to the Jesus character? Did Jesus ever shoot out fire and brimstone? Did he breath fire and smoke out of his nostils? Did he have rivers of fire coming out before him? Did he throw out balls of fire? Did he stand on the top of mountains of fire? Did his presense make people's faces sweaty and flushed? Did he emit 'light unapproachable'? Did he make lots of threats to burn people or make them come out in nasty boils?

    Get real pal.

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  4. The reason why I responded to you is because I shoot from the hip and I am not afraid of giving it to you straight, in a non-straight way being perfectly politically correct. You won't come across many all-loving all-forgiving Christian bloggers who are prepared to put their turkey necks on the line for a bender, in a very religious way, as well as others, you understand.

    I'm not a Christian so that explains my genuine all-loving all-forgiving mindset DESPITE all-not believing-in-all-that-bullshit crap YOU call faith. I accept you, I forgive you and I love you (in a superficial way) despite the fact I'm not in love with a man who was supposedly beamed up by Scotty.

    The question, my queer friend, is you have faith in me.....the person who does not need a magician in the sky or his ascending foot soldier to accept you as a part of the colourful human race? Or do you need your blessing to come from some higher being?

    The question really is not whether or not you are a comedian and able to laugh at yourself, the answer to which is charmingly obvious, but whether you can believe that you do not need anyone or anything to confirm your right to human dignity?

    The question is YOU accept yourself? I believe that because you are seeking to convert the Christian/Hebrew faith into a gay-acceptance faith that you are really trying to convert the world into being gay-accepting. If you can convert the Christians then you can convert everyone and then, low and beyold, you almost become 'normal'.

    I put it to you that your religious quest is not so much about facts and validity but about personal justifications, and in their lies the reason why this thing has perpetuated itself for thousands of years.

    I'm here to talk about the facts. If you want to talk about your own person need to find peace of mind then maybe I could help on a personal level, in a non-spiritual way.

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  7. RQC.....I'm not interested in phylosophising the merits of religion but in informing on the validity of it. Your concern is very clear....whether or not people accept and like you. If you would care to go through this blog you will find no posts about me, myself and I, apart from the one post about life in the muslim ghetto. I do not spend my spare time wallowing in self pity or getting arsy with strangers online. I'm here to inform. You can either read it and be informed or you can choose selective ignorance. Finally, please keep your assumptions and prejudices to yourself. I may not believe in the man behind the curtain but that does not mean I have no conscience. But then the persecuted ones often tend to persecute.

  8. Anon.....I'm pleased to hear you and your brother like the blog. I'm busy at the moment so can't spend much time on it but I'm hoping to see my readership increase steadily. Please pass it on to others.

  9. RQC. Until you tell me you have read all of the blog posts and either have some objections for me to handle then I'm not interested in communicating with you and will not publish any more of your obsessive, stalkerish and childish comments.