Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dead Sea Caused by Continental Drift?

Quote from this article: Much of the intensified major future activity for this region is prophesied to occur along the Dead Sea Transform fault, a continuation of the Red Sea and East African Rift system. This fault runs directly under the Dead Sea, up through the Jordan river valley, the Sea of Galilee, and northward through Lebanon. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Abraham's day was in the area south of what is presently the Dead Sea. The Bible's mention of a rain of fire and brimstone from heaven on those wicked cities (See Genesis 19:24 - 29) indicates that the Divine judgment came from sudden volcanic/tectonic activity in a "plain" area which is now the submerged floor of the Dead Sea. There is evidence that the Age of the Dead Sea is only about as old as the time of Abraham. In the days of the Garden of Eden, there was no Dead Sea in that spot, but a river flowed through the rift zone southwards towards the area that is presently the Red Sea (More on that in the Lost Rivers of Eden chapter).

The Dead Sea is only as old as the time of Abraham? I wonder if the Sea of Galilee was formed at the same time as the Dead Sea and if the Gulf of Aqaba was also formed or widened at the same time. Could the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, have been formed by the two tectonic plates that meet along this rift (the red line in the map) being pulled apart?

Could the Dead Sea have been caused by Continental Drift in Biblical times? This would be ironic given Alfred Wegener, the man whose career was devoted to trying to convince geological experts of Continental Drift, was also mocked and derided only to be proven correct long after his death.
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